Game Vortex: MLB 08 The Show Review

Game Vortex writes: "Sony's MLB series has consistently been one of the better baseball games on the market. While MLB 08: The Show is yet another showing for the series, there are still a number of smaller, nagging issues that keep it from hitting a grand slam.
It is easy to look at the big picture and see that MLB 08: The Show is one of the most visually impressive baseball games on the market, but you really have to look closely to see why. Players, stadiums and crowds all look incredible, but MLB 08 pays just as much attention to smaller details as it does the bigger ones. The number of player animations has been increased, adding a good dose of realism to the game since you won't see as many reused moves. Some of the better moments aren't even directly related to the game; after missing a big play or striking out, players will hang their head in disgust or storm off the field into the dugout. The camera also does a really cool depth of field effect that gives the entire game more of a television-style look.

Hudler, Campbell and Vasgersian all sit in to provide play-by-play and, like the visuals, deliver one of the best audio experiences to ever grace a sports game. It's high praise for sure, but MLB 08 backs it up. Fans will heckle and cheer on players, which gives that little extra touch."

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