Remember Me - Live Action trailer

Capcom released a new awesome Remember Me live action trailer today, that shows the main character Nilin being taken to the Bastille, the first location of the game.

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Festano1991d ago

Is a game that has proved very interesting

Enemy1991d ago

Lol live action game trailers are always trash. Here we see nothing's changed.

FamilyGuy1991d ago

This trailer was terrible in my opinion but the God of War Ascension live action trailer proves your statement wrong big time.

Alexious1991d ago

I'm not a fan of live action game trailers as well, but I do hope that the game is good, since the concept is very interesting.

Festano1991d ago

There are good ideas, and soon find out if they have been implemented.

Grimhammer001991d ago

I have it prepaid....but I'm not sure I can pull the trigger. Last of us is just around the corner.

Excalibur1991d ago

Same here, I've been trying to find some reviews to totally make my mind up.