The Hit Box: What Are The Odds You'll Enjoy Fuse?

A Critical Hit: "The Hit Box won't tell you how good a game is, but it will tell you how likely you'll be to enjoy it. The Hit Box rounds up the latest reviews and assigns a binary value of "Hit!" or "Miss," indicating whether or not a critic found the game to be enjoyable overall. Then we add them up and convert the total into a percentage. A score of 99% would suggest you're nearly guaranteed to enjoy it, while 1% means you shouldn't waste your time. A game at 50% could go either way."

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zeal0us1969d ago

I'll enjoy it, once the price gets down to $15 or less or if I rent it from gamefly.

BrianC62341968d ago

I downloaded Fuse on PSN and got the first hour free but I deleted it. The game just isn't fun from the start. I guess if Sony ever puts it up as a free PS Plus game I'll download it. I don't play much online and don't have anyone to play co-op with. It looks like it isn't worth buying if you like playing single player games.

Nocando1968d ago

I didn't care for the demo, so more than likely slim to none.

ger23961968d ago

Time Is to valuable to waste on mediocre games. Especially with the last of us and next gen upon us.

Dlacy13g1968d ago

The demo was decent enough but the end product just lacked that Insomniac magic. They should have kept the game as originally thought out and ditched the forced 4 player co-op (1 player + 3 bots if you are solo). The way they set it up ultimately hurts game play if you want to play as one character.