Gaming Age: Singstar '90s Review

Gaming Age writes: "Chances are if you're a karaoke fan and own a PS2 you've played at least one of the games from the Singstar collection. A huge hit in Europe, this franchise keeps on trucking with new installments, each with a compilation of 30 songs. If you've mastered the Amped, Pop, '80s, and Rock versions, you may be wondering if the '90s version offers anything new. Read on to find out.

Like its predecessors, Singstar '90s is available by itself for $30 or with 2 microphones for $50. It contains 30 new songs, accompanied by their respective music videos. The game is more than standard karaoke since it awards more points when the player correctly matches the pitch of the song and lyrics. Up to two players can sing at the same time, either head-to-head or in duets. If you have an Eye Toy camera you can also save videos or snapshots for others to view later."

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