Developer Interview with Shin’en: Wii U is “much more powerful than most people think”

Glacier928: "Shin’en Multimedia, a developer that has brought us recent titles such as Nano Assault Neo, Jett Rocket and FAST, is no stranger to Nintendo platforms. I first took notice to them during the GBA’s launch with Iridion 3D, which had mind blowing visuals at the time and a killer soundtrack. We reached out to them to ask a few questions and they’ve taken the time to provide us an interview. Shin’en’s Manfred Linzner shares his thoughts and experiences on developing for the 3DS, WiiWare and Wii U."

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PopRocks3592028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

"But they're liars! Heathens! Blasphemers!"

They also seemingly have extensive knowledge of the hardware and have successfully made one of their games look and perform better on Wii U.

"*puts fingers in ears* LA LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!"

Look, I'm not saying the Wii U will match up to PS4 level specs, but if I hear one more person try to claim it's weaker than the 360 without any real proof, I'll tear my hair out.

-Mika-2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

"Shin'en is a developer of video games, based in Germany. The company has been an official Nintendo third-party developer since 1999"

Im going to leave it at that... They're clearly fanboys.

MegaLagann2028d ago

@Mika Do you arms hurt from grasping at those straws?

BattleTorn2028d ago

I know for a fact that it's weaker .............................. ............................... ............................... ............................... ..........

(couldnt resist, sry)

*hands touqée*

PopRocks3592028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

That's it! Hair gone. It's over. You just made me bald. I hope you're proud of yourself. >:(

(Bubble up for Funny btw)

CaulkSlap2028d ago

"we can now, categorically, finally rule out any next-gen pretensions for the Wii U"

GPU is based on AMD's RV770 series. Circa 2008. Approx 1.5x raw shader power of 360's GPU.

System memory of 2GB (Only 1GB available to games) has a total bandwidth of only 12.8 GB/s. PS3/360 are both 512mb and over 20GB/s. Considering how cheap RAM is it's downright baffling why there's only 2GB of plain DDR3. The bandwidth can only be explained by a horrific deficiency in the CPU design. They have EDRAM in the CPU and GPU to try and compensate but that just adds another development hurdle.

(regarding performance issues in multiplats)"The obvious suspect would be the Wii U's 1.2GHz CPU, a tri-core piece of hardware re-architected from the Wii's Broadway chip, in turn a tweaked, overclocked version of the GameCube's Gekko processor. In many of our Wii U Face-Offs we've seen substantial performance dips on CPU-specific tasks."

GPU somewhat more powerful than PS3/360, but still extremely low end PC tech from 2008. More RAM than PS3/360, yet horrible memory bandwidth bottlenecks. And a CPU based on 12 year old Gamecube technology.

Okay sure if fully exploited through a decent amount of effort, the hardware will marginally outperform consoles built in 2005/6. My question is why that is at all acceptable? And if you don't care, then why do you defend the hardware? I don't mind the console at all and will definitely get one eventually. It's just as a piece of electronics in 2013 at $300/350, I find it a complete joke.

MNGamer-N2028d ago

"My question is why that is at all acceptable? And if you don't care, then why do you defend the hardware?"

Because it's about the games, not megahertz and gigabits. Your post sounds like a computer science term paper. I play consoles for the games. You sound like you would prefer to take apart your system and put it back together again instead of play a game on it. Most people do not care, and with each advancement in technology it becomes less and less relevant. Did I have fun playing a game on it? If yes, then success.

Theyellowflash302028d ago

"EDRAM in the CPU and GPU to try and compensate but that just adds another development hurdle."

For the lazy ass american developers.

And sorry, there is still 30% of Nintendo's custom logic that's unaccounted for.

Are you trying to tell me you know more than Shin'en? Bitch please

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2028d ago

The problem is there is a difference between speed and efficiency.
There are chips that run slower GHz and with less heat that can skunk older chips that run with more GHz.

The on Chip (CPU) memory allows a convenient place for memory to be stored so that the Chip does not have to constantly re-fetched dropped data.

Plus, the faster GPU handles Physics/graphics better than 2008 consoles.

>Comparing a Cell in the PS3 and a Core in the WiiU chip is not the same.

CaulkSlap2028d ago

@MNGamer-N. Yes games are what matters most. And so far the Wii U lacks them severely. It will do fine eventually with a price cut. I'm really just addressing people who bother to defend the actual physical hardware of the system.

@Theyellowflash30 - No I certainly don't know more than him. But unless we're reading different words he said absolutely nothing to indicate the Wii U's capabilities relative to non-Nintendo systems.

It's blatantly obvious that the Wii U is barely a step above 360/PS3, yet launched 7 years later. And frankly whatever optimization of the hardware they can do is irrelevant when you're a full generation behind the competitors. Why do you think there were so few games that pushed the Wii? Not to mention Wii U is going to be shut out of the PS4/XBO multiplat games just like the Wii was.

herbs2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

12.8 Gbs per second are the memory speeds if the Wii U has a single bus which may not be the case when both the GameCube and Wii had two. This is also not factoring in the presumed 32Mb of fast expensive Edram which is used as a buffer to supercharge memory speeds. The 360 has 10Mb of Edram for the same purpose and that is how it achieves 22Gbs... The XboxOne is apparently using 32Mb of slightly slower Esram to compensate for its slower Gddr3 for the exact same reason to cut costs and still achieve higher memory speeds. The PS4 doesn't need any buffer because Sony is using the faster Gddr5 in the end this will make there console easier to develop for but at a cost $ ;)

MasterCornholio2028d ago


"For the lazy ass american developers."

It isnt just for lazy developers, a console that is easier to develop for will just be cheaper to make games for. This gives developers an incentive to produce games for the system. Why would having a console thats easier to develop for be a bad thing just baffles me.

Just look at what happened to multiplatform games early on in the PS3s life they were an absolute mess in comparison to the 360 version. Developers didnt optimize for the PS3 because they didnt want to spend more time on the PS3 version than the 360 version. And thats because the more time they spend on development the higher the costs will be. So its much better to develop something quickly and cheaply than to take a long time and spend a ton of money on developing the same product.

wampdog292027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I'd like to add something to your midterm paper if I may. Since we are going to talk about specs, let's be COMPLETELY honest here. Nobody seems to compare the amount of RAM on the Wii U and PS3/360 realistically. The Wii U has 2GBs of DDR3 RAM that which 1GB is used for games. Now, here's where things get sketchy. Everyone compares this to the 360/PS3's 512MB of Ram and then stops there. Okay? But, the OS's on the 360/PS3 also use some of that RAM. I believe, currently, the OS's on those 2 consoles use about 40MB of RAM. That means, that there is only 452MB of usable RAM (give or take). ALso, let's not forget that the PS3's RAM is even more limited since only 256MB is used for graphics while the other 196MBs (again, give or take) is used for general processing. Wii U has 1 full GB used for both graphics and general processing and this may even increase in the future as the OS becomes more efficient through updates.

I know, that's a lot to take in, but if you're going to try and break things down, you have to do it to the fullest. Also, as someone else mentioned, you never take into account any custom coding or hardware put into the machine.

wampdog292027d ago


The Xbox One doesn't use GDDR3.... it's just plain DDR3. The rest of what you said makes sense.

@MasterCornholio: You are comparing the Wii U's possible harder-to-develop-for setup to the PS3's??? Really? Over a little RAM issue? The PS3 was hard to develop for due to MANY reasons. A few of those include the Cell CPU, architecture, RAM pool split between graphics and general processing as well as Blu-ray.

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iplay1up22028d ago

I know, freaking fanboys are so stupid...Newer tech more ram, and yet Microsoft fanboys still think its better than Wii U in terms of power...ROFL Stupid people...I mean really. I think most of the fanboys are 20 0r younger....I also hope they have fun with their new cable box,and have even more fun shelling out more money for USED games. Also they will have to have their 360 right there if they want to play their old games...and can not transfer any of their old downloads....Oh yeah and they get a nice bill to play online....ROFL...

linkenski2027d ago

I agree. After seeing Shadow of The Eternals i was convinced that the Wii U can produce spectacular graphics, and Nintendo is likely going to push the limits with their next 3D mario or Zelda.

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PigPen2028d ago

Shin'en is very outspoken and I like it.

stragomccloud2028d ago

And yet again, anything that says something positive about Wii U is largely ignored.

Shok2028d ago

Insomniac: Never developed on a Nintendo system, ever, word taken as factual.

Shin'en: Proven devs of Nintendo platforms, word is ignored or is called a lie.

gamer422028d ago

Why doesn't nintendo just buy them already?

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