GamePop Subscription-Based Android Gaming Console To Cost $129

The latest product from BlueStacks, the GamePop Android-powered gaming console, will retail for $129 once it exists its free pre-order offer, which is ongoing and will continue through the end of June, the company announced today. And it will launch with a solid line-up of paid gaming titles for the all-you-can-eat subscription fee of $6.99 per month, thanks to newly announced partnerships with COM2US, Korea’s largest game developer, which will have its own dedicated channel in the GamePop menu.

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zeal0us2019d ago

Compared to the Ouya this thing won't sell well.

Axecution2019d ago

"While there is no contract per se, if you decide to terminate your subscription within the first 12 months you must send the console and controller back to BlueStacks in working order within 30 days of canceling. There is a $25 restocking fee. If you do not send the unit back there is a $100 early termination charge."

hahaha i knew there was a catch

Axonometri2019d ago

So I can preorder for "free" if I pay $129 for this machine that will have loads of games that were already on android phone devices and are now "free" there. All, for almost 7 bucks a month on this machine?

Sounds like a whopper of a deal. Once it exists, of corse.