Sony Compares PS3 to Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii

Sony today made an interesting move by comparing the PlayStation 3 to its competition: Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Although all the information in this article is factual, it is important to realize that it was compiled by Sony and not a 3rd party. If you are undecided about the next generation, we recommend researching the three consoles on your own and deciding what works best for you individually.

Anerythristic266252d ago

First and foremost the XBOX 360 "requires you to buy " NOTHING. It is very important because the whole free choice to upgrade your system was a company focal point. You now what I also wonder what are the specs on the RSX they always just call it the RSX like it's a person.

VirtualGamer6252d ago

However for that choice you ultimately pay more to not even equal what the PS3 delivers.

drewdrakes6252d ago (Edited 6252d ago )

And you cant pay money to get the PS3 to equal or surpass what the 360 offers. Im paying less then you, because i dont want that crap. The HD disc formats suck, and arent much better then DVD.

Also, anyone buying an HDTV just for gaming, think about that decision, theyre not that much of a difference to the human eye, unless you get 50 inches or bigger (I have a 56 inch).

TheMART6251d ago (Edited 6251d ago )


What does a GAMER want:

1. To play games (and the most exclusives and exciting titles)
2. To watch movies

If you chose 1. it depends on which games you like. But everyone wants Gears of War and Bioshock so I guess the choice is easily made.

If you chose 2. buy a standalone BR or HD-DVD player I suggest you wait untill the war showed it's winner

If you can't chose between 1 and 2 you'd still be best of to wait who's the winner of the videoformat. And with 360 you have that choice. If HD-DVD won't make it, a BR add-on will be released. Or just buy the 360 and get a standalone lateron.

In my opinion it's simple.
You buy a gameconsole for the games. Nothing else.

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eques judicii6252d ago (Edited 6252d ago )

definitely real... although using the xbox 360 "core" unit adds at least another 50 dollars..

premium package comes with wireless controller + headset + component cables

so... another comparison could be:

ps3 core:

$60 component cables
$0 wireless comtroller
$5 Online (Cat 5 ethernet cable)
$0 bluray
$20 headset (ps2 version i guess)
$0 HDD
$500 PS3

= $585

360 premium:

$0 component cables
$0 wireless controller ($20+ for plug and play)
$50 online (12+1 month xbox live gold)
$200 HD-DVD (add-on)
$0 headset
$0 HDD
$400 Xbox 360

= $650 ($670)

So, while the xbox 360 is still more expensive, the difference is not 200 dollars, but is only 65 (85) dollars (assuming you need to buy an ethernet cord) But what if you aren't into the whole HD DVD or Bluray movie thing? then just subtract 200 dollars from the 360. For wifi you need to add 100 bucks to both anyhow so no reason to compare.

PS: the component cable price was something i looked up today in my computer at EB games

Bill Nye6252d ago (Edited 6252d ago )

Sony's component cable costs $20.

(or free if you already have them for your PS2. PS2 and PS3 have the same multi A/V out.)

shotty6252d ago

Your forgetting HD-DVD is not needed. It's a gaming machine, you buy it to play games not watch movies.

eques judicii6252d ago (Edited 6252d ago )

would you provide a link to the $20 component??

Here's my link for the $60 one:

I'm not forgetting that the HD-DVD is not needed, read my last paragraph, i said if you don't want the HDDVD then just subtract 200 from the total 360 cost.

NextGen24Gamer6252d ago

Cell...is it 2.8? is it 3.2? Is it 1.8?

And the RSX....is it 550 mhz? is it 500 mhz? is it 350 mhz?

Interesting read but clearly evasive and false. With the 360 you only have to buy the accessory you want. Your not forced to spend over half a grand if you don't want to.

Eternal E 8086252d ago

funny how its close to launch and we dont have this info yett maybe there doing something fishy like marketing tricks that they do i aint pointing them out but i got a good idea on it

zypher6252d ago

if enough developers are confident that the PS3 is at least as powerful as the 360, and these same developers are developing experiences on the PS3 that are at least equal to the 360, then why do you even care about the RSX's specs? most developers concede that the RSX is slightly (SLIGHTLY) inferior to the 360's custom ATI, but that that difference is so slight that the Cell (which most say is superior--almost significantly so--to the Xenon) more than makes up for it. and also, how is the article false? i read nothing in all the listed specs that was untrue. sure, Microsoft is giving people a choice to purchase what they want. but for the person who CHOOSES to go all out, the PS3 is definately the least expensive alternative.

eques judicii6252d ago

you are correct saying that the ps3 is cheaper for someone who goes ALL out.. but for someone who goes all out, the price is probably not the most important factor.. games are, so it depends on if the gamer wants fps or jrpg... cause really, 360 is better for fps while the ps3 will most likely have more jrpgs, so at that point its their choice.

zypher6252d ago

you are correct. it is the games that matter, which is why this all comes down to preference, which was why i felt topgamer's questioning RSX's power as illogical, especially considering there isn't anything yet seen on the 360 that doesn't have a graphical equal on the PS3, nor was there anything in the article that wasn't factual. nothing is ardently factual about either system's power, cause when it's all said and done its the developers who utilize that power that matters most. when it's all said and done its the games that matter: most 360 owners don't feel that the PS3's exclusive content can be justified by $200: most future PS3 owners feel that $200 IS justified by the exclusive content the PS3 offers.

blackmagic6251d ago (Edited 6251d ago )

The 360 has announced the following JRPGs:

Spectral Diario - Idea Factory
Spectral Force 3 - Idea Factory
Saga of Cathay - Idea Factory
Eternal Sonata - Bandai
Enchanted Arms - From Software
Phantasy Star Universe - Sega - mmo
Operation: Darkness - Sega
Blue Dragon - Mistwalker
Lost Odyssey - Mistwalker
Cry On - Mistwalker
Culdcept Saga - Namco
Infinite Undiscovery - TriAce
Final Fantasy XI - SquareEnix - mmo
Far East of Eden Ziria - Hudson Soft
Magna Carta 2 - Softmax
Embrace of Time - ORiGO

At this point, how many JRPGs are coming for the ps3? I agree that the ps2 was the place for JRPGs vs the xbox but times are changing and that advantage isn't as prominent as it once was.

Looking at how the Blue Dragon bundle is doing in Japan so far, we could be on the cusp of a reversal of public perception there also.

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kingboy6252d ago

let me remind u there are two versions to buy.why u always compare the 599 one to the 360 core system?u cell specs ,lock on playstation.com for info

eques judicii6252d ago

no one is comparing the 360 core to the ps3 premium... what are you talking about?

infact, i compared the core ps3 to the premium 360..

shortyNZ6252d ago

their console isnt as powerfull as the 360, i would almost put money on it! but they arnt going to let those facts slip, cos if they did obviously nobody would want the stoopid ugly thing, sony are such spinners!

zypher6252d ago

tell you what, you post a screen from the most graphically impressive 360 game (no PC screens) you can think of, and i'll bet you i can easily find a PS3 screen that looks at least as good.

The great 16252d ago

That's funny a stupid comment like that comming from a guy with 1 bubble!

shotty6252d ago

How are you suppose to get a screen, use a digital camera. What I can say is both systems look the same. From a gaming perception the xbox 360 is the best value and does everything the ps3 does but for $200 cheaper.

If you want a movie device aswell then the ps3 is the better value. However it all boils down to the games. Get the system that has the better games for you. Want RPG get a ps3, want action games get an xbox 360.

lalaland6251d ago

doesn't do online at all... Yep... You can't play online or download any online content AT ALL on the X360 core. I thought XBL was the big selling point for X360... I guess not...

nambo6251d ago

Not true. With the Silver membership (free), you can go to market place and download demos and videos. What you can't do is play games online and use the chat feature. And before comparing XBL to Sony's online system, let's wait and see. We still don't really know how it works. Some games will use Xfire, some will use Gamespy and some their network. I have a feeling PS3 owners would gladly pay $50 for service like XBL.

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