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ScrewAttack: "I can’t think of a more horrific way to waste $40 dollars and a short afternoon than experiencing Fast and Furious: Showdown. Better games and greater dignity can be found in the dumpster behind your local game supplier. "

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ltachiUchiha1967d ago

Lol a 1 out of 10. Its almost like the game didnt even exist haha.

Neonridr1967d ago

unfortunately it does.. :P

Hellsvacancy1966d ago

Awesome, I love watching terrible game video reviews, its the only good thing that comes out of an awful game

Commodore_1966d ago

I couldn't believe the bad reviews for this game so I went to YouTube to see some gameplay. It's almost as if they didn't try lol Then again, games based right off a movie that's in theatres are usually never even borderline great

Daves1966d ago

Just did the same. Could not believe how bad it looked!