E3 2013: What Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo Need To Accomplish

Jon from DC writes: We’re only weeks away from E3 – the press is scrambling together teams for coverage, final touches are being put on press conferences, and studio heads are preparing to unveil new projects to the masses. No-one has quite the job ahead of them that the Big Three (Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, respectively) have, though.

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PopRocks3591993d ago

Sony: Just show the console. That's really it.

Nintendo: Games. And a lot of 'em.

Microsoft: Well, you can only go up from here.

PigPen1993d ago

Not trolling, but the Wii U has way more games announced for it then the PS4. I say Sony needs to show the console and announce more exclusives.

RTheRebel1993d ago

Nintendo need some Megaton Announcements if they wanna steal E3

MegaLagann1993d ago

Sony: Make your system look like the complete opposite of the Xbox One. More games announced, I know it won't be cheap but not 589 US dollars, more exclusives, remind people that the Vita is an actual system with actual games and not a PS4 add on. And finally; Last Guardian & Final Fantasy Versus XIII have to be there or I have lost all hope.

Microsoft: They're in too deep for me to care now.

Nintendo: Games, release date, games, release dates & more games. Give people a reason as to why they should get a Wii U instead of the other two. Show a game that will make people say "That's running on the Wii U" *coughRETROcough*
Show all your first party & third party games, gives us some surprises, a couple unannounced first party & third party games and, if rumors are true, a new third party exclusive that will cause a shit storm greater than Bayonetta. Aside from games, more features for the Wii U, price drop right around the time the new consoles hit and a new ad campaign. In theory this sounds like A LOT, but even though Nintendo tends to screw up (E3 last year) when their back is against the wall and they have something to prove, they usually, key words being usually pull through and give us some surprises as well (see E3 2006 & 2010)

This E3 will be an important one, Sony & Microsoft have to convince people why to jump on to the next generation and Nintendo needs to show people why the Wii U so far was only a misstep and they can turn things around just like the 3DS. It'll be interesting to watch that's for sure. Oh, and one more thing, if you don't mind, could there possibly be another Giant Enemy Crab, Mr Caffeine or EXTREME Hack and Slash this year? That'd be great.