Gaming Age: MLB 2K8 Review

Gaming Age writes: "The cover man for 2k Sports' MLB 2k8 is Jose Reyes. For those in the cheap seats, Reyes is one of the best shortstops in the game and is known for a great glove and lightning speed. It's ironic, then, that the game he posed for is such a stutterfest. While some problems from 2k7 have been fixed, which is a relief, and some new things have been added that are a lot of fun and will probably change console baseball games for a long time, there are huge drawbacks to 2k8 that are so bad it's hard to believe.

The realistic stadiums are still around, and the flashy transitions that welcome a new game all look great. But the minute the game starts you'll wonder if something has gone horribly wrong. The game stutters as the batter comes to the plate. It stutters when the ball enters the field, and it stutters like mad when you throw the ball around. Fielders skip and stammer their way to the ball (occasionally ignoring it completely while it rolls right under them) and sometimes you can actually see the ball skip in mid-air. It even happens during the throwaround after a routine ground out. This is the single biggest flaw of the game, and it's a doozy."

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