Gaming Age: MLB 08: The Show Review

Gaming Age writes: "Ah, can you smell that? Spring is in the air and just around the corner is my favorite day of the year, opening day for Major League Baseball. While many sports fans have given up on the grand old game due to the strike of 1994, the steroids scandal, or finding other interests, I remain die-hard and faithful to America's pastime. So obviously since I review video games, I greatly anticipate each new year and crop of baseball titles, especially Sony's "The Show" series. Not since the High Heat baseball era have I played a series that feels as authentic and delivers the true sport of baseball as The Show. In fact for the last 3 years I've voted the series as the best the sport has to offer. Gaming Age writes: "While the crop has definitely diminished over the years with games like High Heat, All Star Baseball, and MVP all gone to contract loss or the developers going bankrupt, there still are two franchises that remain in competition year after year.

After plenty of time with both titles I have to once again declare MLB 08 The Show as the game to beat this year. Minus a few omissions, there isn't a baseball game out there that can deliver a more authentic experience than Sony's game. Their tag on the back of the box says, "Nothing gets you closer", and those words couldn't be truer this season."

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