Next Gaming Revolution is in HOW We Make Games

Iran White writes:

Manfred Linzner and Shin’en appear to understand well where Nintendo is coming from with the Wii U. When HDWarriors.com asked him to speak on the concept of ‘Diminishing Returns’, he had this to say:

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jcnba284013d ago

So true, pretty visuals will only get you so far.

Gameplay > graphics

TruthbeTold4013d ago

It's hard to believe they got that great of visuals on the original DS. Wow.

Venoxn4g4012d ago

yea, their Nano games on DS look amazing on DS

PigPen4013d ago

Shin'en becoming a very outspoken company and I like it. I know that they know what they're talking about. Anyone that actually own a Wii U knows that it's a powerful console, but its the ones that don't that try to dismiss it.

Triforce0794013d ago

Ive got one and i couldn't believe how good the graphics looked on straight ports like BO2,and MassEffect ect considering like shinen said in another post you are loosing magnitudes of power if you don't exploit the edram cpu cache and they say the edram memory is super fast,also the best thing is the wiiu is very good for optimizing code and making huge leaps.

Considering 360/ps3 games didn't even equal a decent xbox or gamecube game,proves how powerful wiiu is.


Fast RMX Dev Shin'en Multimedia Teases Switch Announcement To Be Shared Tomorrow

Shin'en Multimedia, the developer behind Nintendo Switch launch title Fast RMX, has teased an upcoming announcement for the console.

thesoftware7302066d ago

Wow cant wait! hope its something different than a racer.

darthv722066d ago

Love for them to make a new shmup in the vein of iridion or nanostray

Copat2066d ago

I just hope it's regarding a physical copy!

EddieNX 2066d ago

I love the amount of effort these guys put into their games.

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Another video – FAST Racing Neo multiplayer footage

Multiplayer footage of Fast Racing Neo.

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Locknuts3188d ago

Holy crap how do they keep that at 60fps in split screen.

Nevers0ft3188d ago

Shin'en have always produced technically impressive games and it looks like they're keep up with that tradition here. Hopefully it plays as good as it looks... I think many of us need to scratch that F-Zero or Wipeout itch.

wonderfulmonkeyman3187d ago

Third parties could learn a lot about developing great Wii U games from Shin-En.

Nevers0ft3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

It comes from a desire to hammer the hardware until it bleeds. Shin'en are ex demo-sceners from the Amiga and PC who went under the name Abyss: http://www.the-leaders-of-t... - similar to how some of the founders at DICE were members of The Silents, another Amiga demo group from the 80/90s: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

It's in their DNA to push the hardware as hard as they can :)

Munnkyman3187d ago

Nintendo should really let them develop a game for them


Interview with Shin'en about How FAST Racing Neo Came Together

NWR:"In this interview, Daan has a chat with Martin Sauter from Shin'en. The team has brought various games to Nintendo systems and they are currently polishing FAST Racing Neo to perfect shine. The interview talks about the decision to make the sequel, the variety of content and the options that are available to the players.''

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