NZGamer: Poker Smash Review

NZGamer writes: "Match-three games have been around for a while. Bejewelled, the all time classic that arguably built the multimillion dollar company that is Popcap (the people that brought you Peggle), created a genre which, since Bejewelled's success, has been flooded with wannabe clones that do essentially the same kind of gameplay. There have been a few notable improvements to the mould (Xbox 360's very own Hexic HD takes the basic gameplay in a fun new direction, whilst the extremely good Puzzle Quest presents the same basic game but with an external RPG structure) but for the most part, Bejewelled is where it's at.

Poker Smash takes this basic gameplay (move stuff around to match recognized combinations, eliminating all components of that combination from the game board), combines it with Poker and comes up with something which is not only unique, it's quite possibly the very best match-em-up game ever released."

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