NZGamer: Dark Mist Review

NZGamer writes: "Game Republic's Dark Mist tries to bring back the 'high-score game' and update it by using the room-to-room monster slaying coupled with an online-only scoreboard system. Although, at first glance Dark Mist gives you the impression that you're going on an epic quest to save the world from a horde of monsters intent on plunging the world into darkness by devouring the stars from the sky and the heroin, Artemis, comes in to save the world from this darkness with her bow of light, the story is just an excuse to fill most of the rooms with dark mist, hiding hide enemies and power-ups.

The monsters in Dark Mist vary from the smaller ones that latch onto Artemis and self-destruct, to the near-impossible bosses. Fortunately, Artemis has a bow that rapidly fires arrows, some special attacks, a couple of bombs at her disposal – to clear the area when she becomes out-numbered – and a gust attack to clear the mist. This technique also blows away any smaller enemies that may have grabbed onto you."

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games4fun3865d ago

this is a new fun different game and you hate on it? cmon