Animal Crossing Preview - NintendoCon

A lot of things have changed since the first Animal Crossing game, and a majority of these changes have been for the better. For example, you are now able to visit friend’s towns over Wi-Fi and the addition of a dynamic flower system that allows you to breed new kinds of flowers. New Leaf stands above all of the previous games in the series for the sheer amount of new content the game boast, all of which is being incredibly well received.

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o-Sunny-o1967d ago

Animal Crossing 4 life!! Best 3DS game ever!!! ^~^

Summons751967d ago

Yeah can't wait for the wiiu version because the console versions have always been better but the connectivity is a hue plus. This game day 1 for sure.

AJBACK2FRAG1967d ago

Let's see the Wii U version please.

FaSCoRP1967d ago

Emm which is the real innovation here ? Nintendo should move on to new IPs or real new games, not just improved. AC begun on N64, then on GC, NDS, Wii and I suspect the game will be more or less the same with every new interation.

Killman1967d ago

Animal Crossing was on N64???

FaSCoRP1966d ago

Yes, it was only released in Japan. The gamecube version was just a "translated" from the N64 cartridge

AJBACK2FRAG1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Wrong again. Animal Crossing is triple AAA. Sooo many people have been waiting for this game it's unreal. i would really seriously love to see anything about the Wii U version. I think AC Wii sold about three million copies. The 3ds version looks really great and an awesome upgrade from Wild World.
Animal Crossing was originally released for the N64 in japan.
The Wii and ds versions were huge leaps forward from earlier versions. The ability to visit others villages via broadband was a gigantic leap for the series.
In my opinion.