Home Integration : Hot Shots Golf Lobby?

Check out Hot Shots Golf 5: Out of Bounds' online lobby. You create your own avatar and text chat with others in the lobby. You can also access the XMB with your friends' list.

You can also enter tournaments and create custom tournaments for/with your friends.

This is a nice addition to HOME.

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GutZ313864d ago

Reporting me for not using the same title?
Isn't sensationalism when you put "!" at the end of the title?

"Hot Shots Golf Online Lobby is Awesome!"

That doesn't tell anything, and is a horrible title.
If I need to copy and paste it, then so be it, but don't report me for making sure the title doesn't look like crap.

crazy250003864d ago

Those who have it, how is the gameplay? Is it worth buying?

boodybandit3864d ago

It is so addicting that when I am not playing it I am thinking about playing it. It's one of those games that my son and my father like to play. It's for everyone.

It plays like silk online and the lobby system is really awesome.

GutZ313864d ago

Its actually pretty fun, tiger woods pro tour is pretty awesome, but in a more traditional way.

This game you can sit there with friends and have a ball, no pun intended.

Real gamer 4 life3864d ago

I was also thinking about picking this game up, But wasnt sure if i would like it. I played mario golf before and had a blas. Is this game something like mario golf? Is it better?

GutZ313864d ago

Mario golf was great, this is about equal in my opinion, just not any iconic characters to look at I guess if you are comparing to Mario Golf.

Ri0tSquad3864d ago

I'll take this over the regular 2d layout.

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The story is too old to be commented.