Miiverse Browser Update Allows You To Post Messages And Follow People

Now it appears you can make new posts direct from your PC, as detailed in the image here. Not only that but the web app will also allow you to view your friends/following lists, update your profile details and edit general Miiverse settings. According to another NeoGaf user, you will be able to view any Miiverse post despite not owning a Nintendo Network ID – just using the URL will allow you to open the post. And, if that wasn’t enough, the restriction between making new posts has seen a reduction to three minutes from the initial five minutes. You can access Miiverse through your browser at to check out the new features.

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Cubits2021d ago

Just tried this all out, 'tis good!

Errefus2021d ago

nice, now release the app already.

guitarded772021d ago

yeah. Good to see them making progress, I just wish it was going faster, or at least let us know what's coming in advance. I still want a Nintendo Network trophy/achievement/accomplishm ent system too. Zelda, Metroid and Mario trophies would be awesome, and adding them to the Virtual Console would have me rebuying many games.

objdadon2021d ago

Good now give me the app!