Current development status of Final Fantasy games

Spokesperson for Japanese Final Fantasy fan-site FF-Reunion got hold of the current development status of the following Final Fantasy games.

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TheLyonKing1968d ago

basically all on going.

E3 better be versus and DUN DUN DUUUUUUN an agitio loclaization.

I do not care about 13-3 save that for something else.

crxss1968d ago

out of all of those games people care about Versus the most yet SE doesn't even say anything...

Reibooi1968d ago

The one reason I think SE hasen't said anything about Versus in a long time might be because of the rumors about the game that have been going around for a few years.

One that the game isn't Versus anymore and has been rebranded as Final Fantasy XV and two is that it may not be a PS3 game anymore they might have moved it to PS4(which could make sense as we know Nomura said that the game was using parts of the next gen SE engine they showed last year)

Those things would be the kind of thing they would want a big event and tons of eyes on them for. Not exactly the kinda thing where they would let slip on a website or magazine that the game is now XV and is coming to PS4.

Either way I would bet we will see it this year in some form. If they announce a 100% new FF that has nothing to do with Versus they are insane and just asking for fans to abandon them.

Blackdeath_6631968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

its so frustrating i had enough of FF13's the first was super linear i couldn't bring my self to finish it even though i was on the last chapter and there was absolutely nothing in that game that made me want another two. FF14 is a train wreck, versus has vanished into thin air and all we keep getting are HD remakes. they need to start fresh they didn't do well at all this gen far off from their success on the ps2 and before

Firan1968d ago

Type 0/Agito would be awesome. I played the Japanese version for few hours and I loved it. It's much better than FF13.

fsfsxii1968d ago

Type-0 localization please... oh, and please release FFVII Crisis Core on the Playstation store, i had to mod my PSP to play that game again

Firan1968d ago

Let me guess, broken UMD drive?

Whitey2k1968d ago

i was wondering where versus is or maybe final fantasy 14

iMaim1968d ago

Final Fantasy X HD 80%

Final Fantasy X-2 HD 65%

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 70%
Um.. cool?

Final Fantasy VIII PC 80%

Final Fantasy Versus XIII n/a

chestnut11221968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

+ Final Fantasy Agito (Missing in Action)


Skate-AK1968d ago

Awesome. I didn't get a chance to play FFX back when it came out. Played a ton of X-2 though.

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The story is too old to be commented.