Here Are The ESA's Five Biggest Video Game Pirates Busted In 2012

GR: "... for the United States. Of all the pirated games, these are the five cases that spotlighted by the ESA's annual report."

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doctorstrange2498d ago

The trick is to not get caught

Wedge192498d ago

You would know this how? Wait a minute... you're not a real doctor... are you...?

dbjj120882498d ago

Mr. Wedge, please have a seat. I have some news...

Wedge192498d ago

One of the best top 5 lists ever! We're missin' the mugshots though! That would really complete this.

dbjj120882498d ago

What, so the internet can make heroes out of these pirates? :P

Wedge192498d ago

Ah fair thought, I see your point and must concede that you are correct.

ftwrthtx2498d ago

Not even the tip of the iceberg though.

e-p-ayeaH2498d ago

The sea is vast there´s plenty of pirates some of them very hard to catch haha