Yakuza on the Wii U Is an "Experiment" and Not Happening for the 3DS

Kotaku: In a recent interview, Yakuza producer Toshihiro Nagoshi described the Wii U release as "an experiment" to see how many Wii U owners would be interested in something like Yakuza.

Elsewhere in the interview, Nagoshi was asked if Yakuza was coming to the PS Vita.

The game producer replied affirmatively, once again acknowledging how the series has been born and bred on PlayStation hardware.

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Snookies122501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Yakuza on Vita as well? Sweet.

jujubee882501d ago

Since GTA probably isn't coming out on VITA anytime soon, this could be just as good. I mean, they have similar play styles right? (Sorry, I never played too much Yakuza or even GTA)

TI_212501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Nope, Yakuza consists of limited areas which are free to explore on foot. The game isn't a shooter, for the most part it's a brawler. From time to time people will bump into you on purpose which will trigger a fight. But there are whole lot of mini games as well.

The reason for it's success isn't the gameplay but it's well told story with all it's characters and it's side stories which are very diverse and entertaining. ;)

Inception2501d ago

Well, Sega already had Yakuza: Black Panther 1 & 2 on PSP. So i'm sure they want to make another Yakuza for Vita.

Anyway, hopefully they localize Black Panther 1 & 2 for Vita. I really loved the combat cause it got lots of different style of fighting. And the manga-like cutscence are awesome!

tiffac0082501d ago

That and Yakuza 5 for the PS3 as well.

God, I hope Sega does not forget their fans outside of Japan.

Neonridr2501d ago

Testing the waters on the Wii U with 1 & 2 to see if a Yakuza 3 would be successful perhaps?

ArnoldSchwarzenigra2501d ago

Or to see if the Wii U is powerful enough to run PS2 games. Hahaha.... Yeeeeeah. I'll see myself out.

Kietz2501d ago

I've learned from this site that it's never about graphics unless its a system you don't like.

imXify2501d ago

They showed Yakuza on Vita a looooooong time ago

PigPen2501d ago

Their mistake was not building it from the ground up for the Wii U. It's a port from the Playstation release and looks inferior. Japan might eat this up to play it with the gamepad. It's not my type of game though.

wishingW3L2501d ago

it's a port for the PS3 too. These are PS2 games you know....

PigPen2501d ago

But its not in HD for PS2 like PS3. The Wii U port is from the HD PS3 version.

Tito082500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I wouldn't call it a mistake, they're just simply experimenting to see how the Nintendo audience receives Yakuza. And you want them to simply start to do everything all over again when they can use the PS3 port? You're out of your mind, & it's a fact the majority of 3rd party games do not sell well on Nintendo devices. Look, this will be the first time the series is heading to a non-PlayStation platform, you should appreciate the fact Sega is trying to give the Nintendo faithfuls what the Yakuza games are all about, also, the Wii U is still new to these guys, like PS3 & 360, it's gonna get good & bad ports, that does not mean the game will be bad, just like Capcom Vs SNK 2 for PS2, didn't look as good as the Dreamcast version, but I didn't care because it ran & played really well. And by the way, it's the Yakuza team, they're very good devs, stop being so narrow-minded.

TheSkullkid2501d ago

Sega, you been blessed to makes games on the greatest console ever made (Wii U). Don't half-ass this opportunity and disappoint Nintendo.

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The story is too old to be commented.