Mega64 experiences a Journey to remember

"Mega64 has released a video of its latest public shenanigans, this time taking the concept of thatgamecompany’s PS3 darling Journey to the streets.

I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to see Rocco cosplay as Journey’s main protagonist, but it’s been pulled off gracefully. And as always, the public reaction to the group’s dancing and chirping is priceless.

There’s a twist at the end in which things go a little sour for our comedic troupe. Without revealing too much, I’ll just give a “thumbs up” to the current top Youtube comment on the video: “See people not conforming to social norms. Call police, they’re probably killers.”"

- Patrick Kulikowski

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Snookies122505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Hahaha the dog, and the gun part! Love these guys...

WeAreLegion2505d ago

"Who are you? An Angry Bird?"

Welp. I'm done with people.

thirtyandnerdy2504d ago

Perhaps living in LA a few years has desensitized me a bit, but sheesh, some people need to lighten up. <3 Mega 64.

Fullmetalevolust2504d ago

Aw, they did a great job...they had me going: "when will he find his partner on this great journey and...bam! out of no where another one like him! rejoice!"
Companions met along the way : the police department
"Sir, what's your name?" ..."Dong!" lol