Crispy Gamer: Need for Speed ProStreet Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "How do you take the joy out of illegal street racing? Easy. Make it legal. The Need for Speed series has made a name for itself by delivering serviceable tuner-world racing for the past million or so years. With the latest version of the series, Need for Speed ProStreet, though, the action has been taken off the nighttime highways and thrown into legit racing circuits. The result is an ultra-generic racer made for a console that's already busting at the seams with ultra-generic racers. Need for Speed? Hey, what about a need for fun?"

What's Hot: Just about every other PSP racer by comparison.

What's Not: With no storyline, no police chases, and ho-hum closed circuits on which to race, the fun has been yanked from the game.

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