Crispy Gamer: Naruto: Ninja Destiny Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "The DS has long been the handheld of choice for anyone that's ever wanted to raise and take care of a fake dog or grow their brain from its puny human status. While that may be enough for those who just want pets without the hassle of buying pet food or watching where they step, and those who don't mind having to buy their hats in increasingly larger sizes, a whole lot of gamers have felt no love from Nintendo's toy.

Fans of fighting games have had little to chew on in the DS era. The system didn't get its first decent fighter until last fall with the release of Bleach: The Blade of Fate. Now, the DS is boldly stepping into the 21st century with the release of Tomy's and Dream Factory's Naruto: Ninja Destiny -- the first 3-D fighter for the handheld. The game does a few things right, but -- more than anything else -- it just whets the appetite for what's to come."

What's Hot: The first 3-D fighter in the almost three-and-a-half year history of the DS.

What's Not: Controls will limit what you can do in battle and the lack of game depth will limit how long you'll battle

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