How Used Games Could Work Next Gen

With all the talk spawning from the XBox One reveal last week, one of the subjects that is sticking hard to gamers is DRM and getting a handle on the Used/Rental Game Market. Now don't get me wrong, I am not a big supporter of the Used market personally but I understand that it is there. As an IT professional we are trained in licensing and accept that you do not see a used software market. So is there a solution that can work for the industry? I think there is a fine line that could work.


To make it clear to a few readers, this is a solution to how we think the used game process could follow giving the gamers the ability to buy and sell used games with no hidden fees, while still getting the publisher/dev their cut for each sale as well.

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Iceman_Nightmare2500d ago

That idea doesnt work, I buy a game disc I own it. You can't tell me I can't sell something I own and the person who buys it has to pay a extra fee. That is BS

urgentfury2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

At no point does it say anywhere you cant sell it. It says that if you sell it to a store, the stores have to work out a deal to include a reactivation key if needed when they sell the used game

JokesOnYou2499d ago

Iceman did you even read it?

Of course you can sell your games, the issue has been about the fees attached for another user/family/friend.

Muerte24942500d ago

proof that Sony doesn't plan on DRM like Microsoft wants you to believe.

Joystiq interview with Yoshida, on Sony and always online

"Did we consider it? No, we didn't consider it," Yoshida said. "The main reason being that many countries don't have robust Internet connections. It makes sense for people to have Internet connections to play online games, but for offline games there are many countries that we saw [that] do not really have robust Internet."

Yoshida with Eurogamer on being connected

Shuhei Yoshida:Oh yes, yes, you can go offline totally. Social is big for us, but we understand there are some people who are anti-social! So if you don't want to connect to anyone else, you can do that.

Microsoft is forcing this with any game that is on the XBox:ONE. Sony on the other had, is leaving up to the individual publisher/developer. Sony is doing what they've always done, offering developers and consumers a choice.

MysticStrummer2499d ago

Your disagrees must be from people who can't read. But if they can't read, how can they have an opinion about what you posted? They also can't know for sure if they pressed agree or disagree.

Mind = boggled

urgentfury2499d ago

The article is not about XB1 vs PS4, this is a suggestion solution for giving the gamers the ability to buy/sell, rent and lend games.

We are very aware that PS4 will allow you to play used games and there is no mention of the always online even in the article.

Did you read it?

ginsunuva2499d ago

PC games are all code-activated and cannot be sold, because you don't have a physical copy: PC discs are just alternatives to downloading because you install it to your pc anyway and use a key to avoid inserting the disk each time.

Also, we can't sell our paid mobile apps or computer software such as MS Office or Photoshop, can we?

Games are transitioning from being physical media to just software that comes on a disc as an option if downloading is too large. Plus, wouldn't people who download a game get less value since they can't resell it?

Movies have done it as well. Most movie purchases today are digital downloads. Can you sell your copy? No.

002499d ago

Pc gaming and console gaming are two different things.

the xbone is a really shitty PC without anything that makes it great.

Supermax2500d ago

People don't read anymore they need others to hold there hands threw life.

Bigpappy2500d ago

There are solutions, but they all revolve around activation keys and internet connection. The keys would work, and M$ already manages billions of software installs with windows.

Sony could easily adopt this. It would cost them up front, but they will get a cut of the use game market for their studios.

MysticStrummer2499d ago

PS4 never has to be online. I doubt Sony will have a system where only online connected consoles can play used games.

Lvl_up_gamer2499d ago

You do know that Destiny is an always online game right? Your PS4 will HAVE to always be online if you ever want to play that game.....

MysticStrummer2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Of course. What does that have to do with anything??? O.o

There are online only games already.

I'm not sure what your point is.

Obviously people who don't have their console connected online can't play Destiny, or Defiance, or MAG, or Warhawk, or others I can't think of at the moment.

Exactly, Dude. (I refuse to call you Sexy)

SexyGamerDude2499d ago

@Lvl_up_gamer You do know that there is a difference between a console requiring you to be online and a game doing it, right? Destiny features MMO type gameplay. Most MMOs require internet.

Retroman2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

ehh, speaking for myself i rather buy discount used game than spending 64.00 a copy.

ginsunuva2499d ago

Used is almost always $5 below the new amount. So you'd just be paying a measly $5 less, and the developers get 0% of your money. So you'd be spending $59 instead of the enormously larger $64.

If a game is $30 used, then trust me, the new copy is $35.

rainslacker2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

In this I"m assuming we're talking GameStop, in which case you are mostly right, $5 is the common difference. It's sometimes more depending on the title, how much used stock they have, and the over all desirability of that title. I've seen used games that are priced $15-20 less than new, but it's not overly common. Most titles that have gone irrelevant to the majority of gamers(over 6 months old) tend to be about $10 less used.

One reason for the $5 price difference though, is that on a $55 used game, the reward zone card knocks another $5 off, so you are getting $10 off. Now, that may not seem like much, but it is an appreciable difference. most people don't consider $5's the cost of a lunch, but a ten spot breaks that barrier of "is it worth the value" question. For many, the answer is "Yes, saving $10 is worth it".

I've been in gamestop enough to hear them push their cards on people buying used with this practice, saying that by getting the card, it'd be like paying only be $9.99 for the card itself, because of the money they'd save on the game. This is particularly true if the customer is trading in or buying several games, as sometimes they actually save money by doing so.

Then you have to factor in all the specials they run on used games, like BOGO, or additional discounts, etc.

Not condoning or condemning the practice, just saying that the difference is often more than $5.

Retroman2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

@ ginsunuva

dont know about you guys $5.00 below the new price
but i buy used games on Amazon 14.99-11.99 sometimes 9.99 ps3 used games.

C-Thunder2499d ago

Microsoft could just require the disk be in the system...problem solved. They want the drm, they want the fees. They haven't even mentioned the developers getting a cut, so far it's all ms and the publisher....greedy f**ks

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