Stereotypes in Gaming: Where is the Line?

"I guess what I’m wondering is whether or not it’s become O.K. to use stereotypes in gaming. If so, why? Other genres don’t get away with it, at least not to the degree video games do." - JTM Games

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pr0t0typeknuckles2501d ago

specifically the re5 incident i thought it was stupid and im black yet some people thought it was racist that Chris was shooting black zombies,newsflash people the man was in Africa who the F else was he gonna shoot,no one complained when Leon was killing Spaniards in re4,and theyre zombies,who cares what they look like shoot to kill,.

ltachiUchiha2501d ago

I totally agree mate. I wish there were a zombie game full of aussies but you wouldnt be able to tell if they were white or an aussie lol.

talocaca2501d ago

I'm Mexican and I loved Guacamele....there is a difference between cultural heritage and stereotyping.

XXXL2501d ago

F this PC garbage already. If the world keeps following this over sensitive BS every character will look like the Greendale human being mascot

Anthotis2501d ago

There is no line.

Take your political correctness elsewhere Mr Sessler etc.

M1chl2501d ago

Stop already, we have all found out, that gaming community (including press, "journalists", etc) isn't mature enough for this particular topic.

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