Opinion: Why this consumer won't be buying the Xbox One

GameZone: " Microsoft held its Xbox press conference this past week, and I've been doing a lot of thinking since the event took place. While the industry writer in me has certainly been doing his fair share of pondering, however, it's the consumer in me that's really taken over the thought train. As a freelance writer, I don't make the most money, but I make enough to pay bills and get by somewhat comfortably — that's why every expense counts, and that's why I make sure to monitor the importance of the things I purchase. That's also why, for me, the Xbox One, for all of its insanely impressive features, is simply not worth purchasing at launch, if ever."

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Count2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Now THIS is an opinion piece. No flame bait. No VCR on the picture.

And look, it doesn't even get approved in double the amount of time it took to approve the other one.

What a joke.

Hicken2501d ago

So now you're dictating to others how they can and can't express their opinions?

Where's your article? Where's your website?

Count2501d ago

Not all articles are created equal. And the way this website values articles is disproportionate and wrong.

There. I said it.

urwifeminder2500d ago

I consume and I am getting it does this negate the article oh opinion that's right.

Jdoki2500d ago

I think it is too early to say whether I will or won't get one.

Right now, I'm more on the No side. Mainly because of the track record with the 360 has broken my trust and belief in MS to deliver the games I want to play - and partly because at the moment the XBOne has not shown a single thing I am interested in.

But that could all change after E3.

Sony still have time to create a monumental cock-up - it wouldn't be the first time! And MS have time to win people over.

Smootherkuzz2500d ago

I can't wait, bring it on.