Fallout 5 -10 Ways It Should Improve on Fallout 4

It may be years away, but whenever it arrives, Fallout 5 needs to improve on its predecessor in several areas.

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-Foxtrot79d ago

They really need to get rid of weapon mods and bring back more unique weapons that are hard to get / find

anast78d ago

They won't improve it other than a slight graphical upgrade. They have always been better at live action than making games.

MocBistro78d ago

Only way it could improve is taking it away from Bethesda and regroup Classic Fallout (1&2) devs with decent budget and time to make it.

78d ago

Epic Games Store copies of Fallout 4 won't be compatible with the new Fallout: London mod

If you bought Fallout 4 via the Epic Games Store, you may be unable to install the upcoming Fallout: London mod at launch.

TheNamelessOne9d ago

That sucks for the seven people that actually use it.


You'll need to actually buy Fallout 4 to play the London mod as it won't work on Game Pass

Fallout: London will require you to own the game. Game Pass users, unlucky.

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Modders and Voice Actor Team Up for Fallout 4 Charity Mod

Fallout 4 modders have teamed up with legendary voice actor Wes Johnson to create a new mod for the game in the name of Alzheimer's research.

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