Adam Sessler on the Xbox One's Messaging Mess-Up

This week on Sessler's ...Something, Adam is still thinking about the Xbox One, and the massive misstep that Microsoft made in their announcement. Although we must wait to reserve final judgment, how did they manage to mess up their messaging so much? And what is Nintendo thinking with their attack on the Lets Play community?

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AngelicIceDiamond2497d ago

Rationalism, logic, I like this guy.

E3 for me will be the final judgement.

Transporter472497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

as far as Xbox One goes im roughly 90 percent sure i won't like it, but if they show something worth seeing E3 i might reconsider

The_Blue2497d ago Show
stage882497d ago

I still wont be able to reconsider if they show good games.

The deal-breaker is having a camera on in my house always watching and listening. I could never have that. Never.

Campy da Camper2497d ago

Even if they came out with 15 harcore, AAA exclusives along the lines of Sonys god of war, infamous or uncharted I won't do it. There is no way I'm letting always on kinect I side of my house.

ShinMaster2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

With the exception of those of you who love Halo, Gears and COD DLC. Other than that, I would find it illogical for me to do so, personally.

gaffyh2496d ago

You guys are only setting yourselves up for disappointment. I can't count how many times since the Last Guardian announced, I've thought "It'll be at TGS", and then when it didn't show, "It'll be at E3", and then when it didn't show "It'll definitely be at TGS" and so on.

Go into E3 with your hopes at an all time low and MS might show something that you like, but for me, if all they have to show is Halo 5 and Gears 4, I honestly couldn't care less. If they come out with new IPs, and maybe a sequel to Lost Odyssey, then they have my attention.

Darrius Cole2496d ago

I'll say this.

This is NOT a case of Microsoft in-artfully delivering its message; this is a case of the message being flawed. Microsoft told the market that they were going to take something from gamers.

The gamers are saying, "not with my money you won't."

There is no way to put lipstick on this pig.

DragonKnight2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Madam Sessler can, on occassion, put out rational and well said thoughts. But the second some allegedly misogynistic event occurs on the Xbox One, he'll throw it under the bus immediately.

Plus, no one has to wait until E3 to know if they like having a surveillance camera in their house, or if they like the idea of needing to have an always stable internet connection or risk not being able to use the Xbox One.

Games can help, but only so much.

Software_Lover2496d ago

If you're at 90% then you have made up your mind. Nothing they show will change that.

Kidmyst2496d ago

If Kinect is always needed, Cloud computing is in all single player games, and games will not work if never connected to the internet then it's a 100% no deal for me.

TheSurg2496d ago


You americans are afraid of everything, seriously. No one will spy on you through this and wait what if?? I bet all of you got facebook accounts with tons of your personal info, friends, pictures etc.

mediate-this2496d ago

You already made your mind up

TomSawyer1872496d ago

I'm shocked at the amount of tinfoil hat wearers on this site.

Boody-Bandit2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )


You really shouldn't talk about others wearing tinfoil hats when you yourself posted (less than a year ago): "The PS3 will not pass the 360 this generation. Even if they start outselling MS by 100K a month it will take them almost 3 1/2 years just to catch up which we'll be well into the next gen by then"

^How is that working out for you?

Now on topic:
Adam made some great points but it's the message and not the messenger. MS has the message of too many unnecessary restrictions and fees. Consumers that feared the rumor learned they were in fact true. There is no way to deliver that message and make all of your user base satisfied.

I honestly don't think the hardest of hardcore MS fans are happy about these restrictions and fees. Trust me, I know quite a few. All I am left to hope is this doesn't spill over to the other consoles. Right now I'm less than thrilled with MS. I wouldn't say I'm holding out hope but I am still intrigued to see if they will have any redemption at all at E3 or will the hole be dug even deeper.

13 days to go.

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Shadonic2497d ago

I always loved watching X-play with him on.

Conzul2497d ago

Well, Rev3 is soooo much better. With TFN and the ThreatWire I don't really go anywhere else besides N4G and Twitter.

PurpHerbison2497d ago

I always mark Adam Sessler coming over to G4 as the doom of G4. G4 was Golden prior to the TechTV merge. Go away Sessler.

Retroman2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

I see what going on: MS made the biggest blunder of all time in gaming history. but keep paying off editors,media companies to per-sway hardcore gamers to become blind sheeps again. MS it is tooooooo fking late to reverse what has been done. FIRST impression is all it takes.

E3 will not erase what been planted.
Adam sessler cant help, no well known celebrity (usher)etc.. will not bale you out this time MS

Ilovetheps52497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

While I agree that first impressions are a huge part, I think that we as a society forget stuff relatively quickly. I'm really interested to see how this console sells. I personally won't be buying the console though.

AngelicIceDiamond2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

MS didn't have a great unveil that much we know. But its mind boggling to think someone that brings rationalism and logic in this whole thing is somehow "blind".

You and I don't know the full details on the XB1.

I don't simply read headlines and say "yep that's how it is" Everyone is black and white on this site they'll believe everything to rumors all the way to opinion pieces. So who's the "blind" one now. The last I checked using great logic and being rational isn't blind, but reason.

What's blind is reading everything on the net and believing it, some no name site can say anything and people will simply eat it up. I see things in all forms not one form.

Its practice on here and allot of sites to simply bash MS for any given reason (or no reason at all).

I came to these conclusions:

1.)DRM: Is a problem for both MS and Sony. Its a publishers demand, and not a MS problem only.

2.) Always on: The console can be played offline with internet checks. But MS also stated that the console can be played completely offline if you live in a place with absolutely limited to no internet.

3.)Kinect Always on listening and watching: (Sigh) how else is the console gonna turn on if it can't hear you say "Xbox on"? I would want my Kinect to hear me if I'm giving it some kind of command while I'm playing a game or surfing the dash. I would hope Kinect is looking at me if I wanted to participate in a group skype calls.

Simply put the Kinect would be broke if it isn't listening and watching why have it other wise?

4.) The Games: Not a issue. Forza, Quantum Break, Ryse, Black Tusks new game and Rares new project. And those are just the confirmed titles, there's still unannounced projects they could unveil.

Rationalism, Logic, Sensibility just simple brain power is all it takes.

andibandit2497d ago

Need more footage of COD:DOG at E3, that will change peoples minds. Maybe they'll go all in and add a Cat as well, oh dear god

Conzul2497d ago

Madam Sess isn't being Pro-M$, he's just being too...**polite** per usual.

DragonKnight2496d ago

Madam Sessler wasn't bought off by Microsoft. I may not like the guy too much, but I saw his Twitter feed during the reveal and he had his eyebrows raised by some of MS' moves a few times like most of the gaming media. The only one in my Twitter feed I could say may have been bought was Cliffy B. because of his fake hyping of the Xbox One, but then that all went away when he said "I am more excited for the Oculus Rift." I asked Cliffy B. if it was just because he was funding it and he replied "partially, but I've also seen more gamer interest in it than either Xbox One or PS4." Which is a lie.

I mean, people are definitely interested in the Virtua Boy finally working the way it's supposed to. Sorry, I mean the Oculus Rift. But a glorified accessory will always play second fiddle to consoles and PC.

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The_Blue2497d ago

I wish more people/gamers were rational.

I love GAMES in general, I don't understand fanboyism. I guess I'm not cool enough or young enough to.

Conzul2497d ago

"Fanboyism", noun, s: The nature of defending poor choices that one has made because that's better than admitting that you were a little wrong about something or that others were a little right about something.

Don't worry about it - there are much worse things than fanboyism.
Like Micro$oft, for instance.

waltercross2497d ago

Actually, I know many of us like to make up the meaning of Fanboy/Fangirl, But in reality being one is not as bad as people think.

fanboy or fangirl: a person obsessed with an element of video or electronic culture, such as a game, sci-fi movie, comic or animé, music, etc; a person obsessed with any other single subject or hobby.

I'm a Fanboy.

2496d ago
Waller2496d ago

Actually, gameonbro, I'm not a fanboy, even by your defintion.

Sure, I only have a 360, but I also can't afford a PS3 or even a gaming PC. I have a kid and a family to support, and that includes bills and rent. My wife, on the other hand, doesn't want a PS4. She only wants an Xbox One. And I'm fine with that.

Last generation, I supported Sony with the PS2, while my brother got the Xbox. This generation, I got my 360 used a few years after he got his 360 at launch. This upcoming generation, my wife and I will be getting the Xbox One. I have to face the fact that I'm not as hardcore a gamer as I used to be, and the Xbox One meets my demands as a gamer and a multimedia enthusiast just fine.

Truth be told, fanboyism is ridiculous and should be looked down upon in the industry. Get whatever system you want, and don't bash the people who are getting the other system(s); it doesn't affect you in the slightest, now does it?

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slampunk2497d ago

Totally agree....Sessler says it how it is and usually does it with common sense too.....

lilbrat232496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Sessler has always been a xbox fanboy why I can't stand him or his opinions.

lilbrat232496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

urgh double post

yeahokchief2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

I agree with what he's saying here. It's too soon to judge. Wait until after E3 to continue the fanboy war.

I'm pretty dead set on buying a PS4 and a new PC, but M$ will have 15 exclusives. Assuming they aren't more kinect controlled dancing games or podracing, I may actually want to play them.

When i watch lets plays, i am usually playing a game myself doing some kind of grind and just want to listen to the person playing or i want to get the jist of a game to see if it is worth my time.

Syntax-Error2496d ago

FTW. They need their own show together. I can only imagine what would come out of their mouths because these 2 guys don't give a rats ass what people say about them. They give you the unfiltered truth whether you like it or not

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Genuine-User2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Adam Sessler is mostly always on point except that one time he spoke of God of War Acension.

hooba932497d ago

haha yes that was the only time that I thought adam was a little unprofessional by overreacting over something as little as a trophy title

Genuine-User2497d ago

Exactly. I along with many people found it silly.

The_Blue2497d ago

Yeah because anything against Sony is blasphemy.

Reverent2497d ago

Had Adam complained about an Xbox Achievement name, it still would have been unprofessional. Don't get so offended.

Maddens Raiders2497d ago (Edited 2496d ago )


I'm sorry... call me cynical or hard edged, but I believe a "so called journalist's", defense of Microsoft's obvious business goals and projections from what they showed us [at the outset] on May 21, 2013 as just a one part preview of a two part episodic reveal (the latter concluding at E3), is simply nothing but veiled corporate blocking.

I mean why did he need to bring Sony and Nintendo into a discussion about Hell week for Microsoft? Why did he seemingly need to "fade the heat" for Microsoft?

Why? Because Sessler and the rest of the G4 corpotocracy will never bite the hand that feeds them.

Belking2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

"Why? Because Sessler and the rest of the G4 corpotocracy will never bite the hand that feeds them."

And what hand might that be? He isn't with G4 anymore. He is 100% right in what he said. One of the few guys on the net who is rational in this whole thing. It's not a crime for anyone to say they don't think MS is evil. XBO ONE will innovate just like the 360 did with xbox live. People are really overreacting and don't know all the facts yet.

madpuppy2496d ago

why do you think Adam Sessler gets exclusive interviews with console manufactures and game devs and publishers, because he is careful not to upset them, if he did, all his exclusive interviews and all expense paid press junkets to Japan and Europe would disappear. not to mention the early access to games and hardware and all those cool gifts and "care packages"

So, even if he wants to be "UNBIASED" He could lose all those perks and access. bad for "his" business.