Scouting The Classics: The Getaway | The Game Scouts

Jon Hall: With the recent barrage of big budget titles and high profile releases, I decided to pull away from the herd and take a look at some of the most influential titles to ever be released on my favourite console the humble old Playstation 2, but first I had to ask myself a pretty important question... What is the definition of “classic”? Well ,according to oxford-Collins it is this: “Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind” , So after much soul searching i decided to look into my own gaming past and see if i could find a game which matched this description, whilst also being special to me. Well, what a journey it was. Vast amounts of tears, tantrums and coffee’s later, i stumbled upon my answer. So let’s all join hands and travel back 11 years. The setting is London, and you’re going to become very firm friends.

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