Time to remember: Golden Axe

Golden Axe was one of the first beat'em ups by Sega and was released back in 1989. This article is a part of the "beat'em up genre tribute" on Game-Art-HQ and gives this old game a spotlight through a drawn illustration made for it as well as describing the game and the whole Golden Axe series.

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Anthotis2499d ago

Considering how short the game was, it provided me with hours of fun over many years.

Gillius Thunderhead ftw

Maddens Raiders2499d ago

Simply stated, one of the best arcade games and quarter eaters of ALL-TIME. Games like this will never ever die.

Hoffmann2498d ago

heh. Interesting. I submitted around 20 articles in the last 2 years to n4g, and this one got the less visitors of them all with only around 40 people caring to see that article i wrote about Golden Axe and the illustration made for our Beat 'em Up Genre Tribute. But it got the most comments with 6. Guess we "core" gamers who know that old game are not many but at least we like to talk about them :-)

sonicsidewinder2499d ago

Cool little piece.

Luveth this game.

Hoffmann2498d ago

Thanks, yes it was fun for me to write about Golden Axe and i love to illustrate the whole beat em up genre a bit via this art tribute i organized for Game Art HQ. Today i write about the first Streets of Rage and as you can guess there is a lot to write about

fardan852499d ago

I have it on my ps3, still fun to play it with a friend from time to time

Hoffmann2498d ago

Yeah, Golden Axe is one of these games which are timeless and still fun for those among us who donÄt need great hd 3d graphics

DEEBO2499d ago

sega's glory days.from arcade to the home console's my love for this game will never die.but guess what? dragon's crown will fill this void but the only problem.vita or ps3?

FamilyGuy2499d ago

How is that a problem? lol

I'm getting it on PS3 because I don't have a Vita, I prefer big screen gaming and I don't want to miss any beauty that game has to offer.