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If you don't know what the Humble Bundle is, or any of the other charity bundles that occur, then you are missing out on tremendous opportunities. To be frank, Humble Bundle is a bundle of video games that are offered by a few developers, along with a site known as, and they offer daily bundles that not only offer a lot of great video games in one package, but offer them at a lower price. In an essence, you can basically allocate where the money you use to purchase these goods go; meaning if you want pay six dollars and twenty five cents, and you want to give your five cents to the developers, while your other six dollars going to charity, and the other twenty cents going to the site itself, it is plausible.

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aviator1892497d ago

already picked it up for 11 bucks.
I would have bought it for cheaper, but am glad to help out to the cause. :)

Murad2497d ago

Awesome. I personally bought two copies, one to give to a friend if they have a birthday, and one because I own the Xbox 360 version, and both for a good whooping 10 bucks!

Sarobi2497d ago

Got it for 3 dollars, w00t.

minimur122497d ago

...... I got it for one...

and it doesn't even work on my computer!

Tr10wn2497d ago

you better get that dollar back!

minimur122497d ago

haha :)

no, I redeemed it on steam, so my brother is using it also, he has a beasty computer. so he can play it

minimur122497d ago

no,you can download it anywhere :P but the currency is in US, so if you're in UK you can buy it and it'll take the exchange rate value out :p