Naruto Storm 4: Mysterious Countdown

A Mysterious Countdown for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. It says there will be informations revealed after the countdown. What do you think of this?

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Bee2509d ago

Great find! The countdown is somewhat giving the Storm community hope that Storm 4 MAY be on it's way. I say "MAY" because I'm not sure how legit this "" website is. I mean for one, it is in french and all the other sites featuring the Storm games have been in English. At the very least it should be Japanese (indicating that it will be revealed to us later). But nevertheless this is a great find and if the Storm community do not already know about this, it should open a lot of discussions.

CosImPro72509d ago

Well France does have one of the biggest Naruto Storm fan base! (from what I have heard anyway) So the site has every chance of being legit! I'm staying hopeful because it is normal that CC2 will want to focus on the creation of Storm 4 now that they are done with Storm 3 and ESPECIALLY as the PS4 is coming out soon.

Divine2508d ago

i really hope this is legit and i cant wait for storm 4 to be announced its gonna look brilliant on ps4 and i hope they start putting the storms on vita as well. but i cant wait. characters and gameplay will be amazing i can tell by the mangas im reading now

ltachiUchiha2509d ago

This sounds legit. You know sony will be pushing to cater to all regions, not just focus on the US. its better to try an satisfy them all then just 1 area.

ltachiUchiha2509d ago

Cant wait to see more of this but e3 is right around the corner. Cant freakin wait mate.

EyezOpen192508d ago

I really really hope it hits ps3..just got one in august last yr :(

r212508d ago

Thats one hell of long countdown. O_o

ZoroS32508d ago

i know it equals 9 months.

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