The Curiosity Experiment In Quotes

John Bedford (Modojo): Earlier today, Peter Molyneux announced that the final cube had been removed in the Curiosity experiment, bringing the event to a close. The winner, Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh Scotland, will become "the god of all players" in 22cans' upcoming Project Godus as part of his "life-changing" prize. In addition, Henderson will also receive a certain share of the profits generated by Godus.

It's a been a long and sometimes bumpy road for 22cans, from launch delays, to show-stopping technical troubles as the servers became overloaded, in-app purchase controversies, and skepticism when Molyneux turned to Kickstarter to fund the studio's second experiment, Godus. Much has been written about the experiment since its inception, but here are some of the most memorable quotes from the man himself.

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