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ZodTheRipper3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

I couldn't listen to him for more than a minute, could somebody make the sacrifice and tell me what's inside it? A button to make him finally shut up?

PirateThom3472d ago


The winner gets to basically dictate the rules in Godus and also gets money from the DLC/Microtransaction sales within that game.

Thrillhouse3472d ago

I honestly think Molyneux nailed this one.

Being a God of every player connected to Godus is pretty awesome. There's also the financial incentive, which isn't too shabby.

ZodTheRipper3472d ago

Thanks, you've saved enough people enough time today to mark it as a good deed.
I would have wished for the button though :/

gaffyh3472d ago

What a crap prize lol. I'm sure a was of cash would have been way more "life-changing". Yet again he proves that he just lies when promoting anything and godus is probably a steaming pile of crap anyway.

hay3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I think Curiosity except being only a publicity stunt, was also a test how stupid people are. Going through hours of repetitive phone molestation just to see random images and a PROMISE from Molyneoux.
This guy haven't delivered for the past 12 years, saying his next project will be best evah, and after its release it's suddenly sh*t.

Congrats to the boy, but as I know this kind of practice, and overhyping potential of Peter, this will be a "directed control" over the world, not even 50% of what is hyped now, and somewhere around 5% of what the DLC will make.

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MariaHelFutura3472d ago

I think he's talking about Godus. But honestly, that was super creepy in light of everything that's been going on and the Xbone being a surveillance system.

MariaHelFutura3472d ago

"You will decide how people play the game, you will accrue riches from the game, from the start to the end of your reign"

"One person will control the game, now that we are all connected"

3-4-53472d ago

@gaff..what are you talking about? This guy get's DLC money and micro money and get's to dictate the rules and have an experience within the game equal to nobody but him/herself.

^ Moly is a nut, but they hit a solid double with this one.

StraightPath3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

ha ha what the crap was that?! after all that hype ,people wasting their lives away pointlessly on some rubbish game and all it was a big advertisement for his game?.. wonder who ever reached the centre, must be thinking what the crap is that and deleted the game and is a 12 year old who wont be able to do any of that.

typical hype from this guy. worst life changing prize ever. whoever thinks this is a good life changing prize...get a life.

Hopefully no one buys this crap too. Some people were smart enough and not be sheeps tapping away at some cube.

There will be certainly restrictions to his so called prize, as imagine the winner makes it always difficult for the people playing it and trolls? this will lessen the sales of the game. So definitely they will still be under the rules of peter and cans22.

Only good thing is the making money from sheeps who buy the game and play micro transactions to buy virtual money.

Moly continues his reign over the worst over hyping person in the industry.

Heartnet3472d ago

I think the message and the idea behind Curiosity went straight over your head...

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yugovega3472d ago

well once again peter is the king of disappointment.

Moncole3472d ago

I bet if you won you would have thought its the greatest prize ever.

Prodigy-X3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Boring!!!! ..... Boring!!!! ..... Boring!!!!

This guy is nothing but a waste of time to listen to. I stop watching 30 secs in. Congrats to the winner though.

MontyQ3472d ago

peter is pointless he made one kool game fable 1 like a decade ago , he is just a sausagefester

yugovega3472d ago

I may not enjoy the guy and do think he disappoints a lot but fable one wasn't his first nor his best game. maybe console wise but on pc he has made classics.

DOMination-3471d ago

Too many people on here lacking respect for a great developer. Peter can get carried away but his passion and enthusiasm after so many years is great to see.

Bakkies3472d ago

Inside the cube should've been a serum that turns you into Peter Molyneux for a day.

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