So, What Was Inside the Curiosity Cube

Early this morning Peter Molyneux, the bead head honcho behind games like Populous, Fable, and Curiosity, sent out this tweet.

This is it the final 2layers of curiosity, then the world will know what’s in the middle

— peter molyneux (@pmolyneux) May 26, 2013

Soon after we were treated to this one.

Last layer I predict <2 hours to go, wow it’s so. Tense our servers are at close to maximum, record number of people on curiosity

— peter molyneux (@pmolyneux) May 26, 2013

Alongside the cube are encouraging messags saying “Planet Earth, you can do this.” and “Remember the cube, only your word can keep it alive.”

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fattyuk2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Inside the cube.....

Marketing and PR stunt.

basically aload of bullshitl

r212504d ago

Whilst it was just a way to promote their godus, its actually kinda cool. The winner gets to become the alpha god of Godus and all its player. Not only that, but he also gets some cash from the game's release. Pretty good surprise IMO.

Prcko2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

hmm we know what's inside cube now

Mogwai2504d ago

I think the prize was very cool, peter molyneux has always been an innovator, granted he hasnt always delivered or succeeded but i think he has with this one, good on him, we need more people like him and less people like those at activison churning out the same old embarressing shit!

fattyuk2504d ago

Activision churrning out the same old shit?

A game which involved 25billion taps on a screen isn't exactly innovating IMO?

Axonometri2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

It could have had Fish or a dog.

Shaolen2504d ago

I thought it would be a load of smug with a topping of bullshit. I guess I was partly right. :-/