10 Signs You May Like Guitar Hero Too Much: Accessories, Mods, and More

When Activision announced Guitar Hero on Tour for the Nintendo DS, it seemed like the popular video game series had finally saturated every aspect of popular culture. Maybe the jump to portable gaming consoles doesn't seem that big a jump, but since its first iteration, Guitar Hero has seeped into our lives through some surprising conduits: from South Park episodes to Bill Gates's final CES keynote.

In fact, if you're a big enough fan, you can conceivably incorporate Guitar Hero into nearly every waking moment--in fact, why not pick up a Guitar Hero pillow for those deep R.E.M. cycles (see number 5 on our list below)?

When is enough too much? We're not here to pass judgment (well, except for that slightly sensational headline), but if you own more than, say, four or five of the below items, it may be time for you to consider a new hobby--or at least think about getting a little fresh air.

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