How The Wii U Can Dominate

It is no secret that the Wii U is performing below expectations. Nintendo routinely sends out press releases bragging on how well the Nintendo 3DS is doing. Yet they continually fail to mention the sales of the Wii U. Want to know a little secret? Sometimes what is not said is more important than what is said.

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Benjaminkno2502d ago

For the first couple of years, they will.
By the time Ps4 and XBox get momentum, we'll be talking about Nintendo's next console... coming in 2018!!

harkki862502d ago

nintendo just needs to NOT do what they did with the first wii: they stopped supporting it. i know wii was not the most popular console for people who like halo or fallout but i really liked it. and no, i didnt just play it for wii sports i have a lot of great wii games. but if someone DID buy a wii for the motion games, nintendo stopped making them after wii sports resort and that was almost 4 years ago. so if we are talking about sales and domination and all that, is anyone surprised the wii stopped selling when nintendo stopped making games that the customers wanted?

wii u is cool but nintendo needs to make the games that sell, not vanity projects. vanity projects are only allowed if you are making games for your core customers

RTheRebel2502d ago

Agreed we have to wait till E3, hopefully Nintendo drop bombs =)

Dj7FairyTail2502d ago

Nintendo stop supporting their current system when a new one is coming. They don't want to over flow their current system with killer apps while the new system get nothing but ports from current gen games and launch games.

BattleAxe2502d ago

"How The Wii U Can Dominate"

Whoa whoa whoa, hold on a second... I realize that the Xbox Gone did the WiiU a huge favor, but lets not get carried away now, the PS4 will dominate, and dominate hard.

ChickeyCantor2502d ago

"the PS4 will dominate, and dominate hard."

By what market?

So far only the core people care for it.

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BullyMangler2502d ago

but what the hek is the 720 box 1 gonna do to the wiiU when not even the 360 has dethroned the N64 regarding content and rE-play value ?

c'mon now

what could RareWare be up to ?

kirbyu2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Why does EVERY SINGLE PERSON think the Wii U needs a name change. All they need to do to end the confusion is have the slogan be "This isn't a Wii you idiots, this is a new console with new games", except, nicer.

Plus, if they did change the name that would technically make it a different system, and I'd either have to have an incomplete Nintendo home console collection or two systems that look and function exactly the same.

PopRocks3592502d ago

While I do agree that the Wii U name is more detrimental than anything, it's been on the market for six months now. Changing the name at this point will only add to the confusion, especially for anyone who's still on the fence about getting one.

peanut722501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

We gamers get the name. The moms, dads, and grandparents who bought a video game system for the first time with the Wii have no clue. Not being harsh - they are just not educated into gaming. We gamers forget that sometimes. We have our own language, internal debates, etc. Super Wii would have been a name that would have made sense to them.

I was at Target yesterday and this elderly gentleman was returning a Wii U game because it did not work on his Wii. Maybe he also used his CD-Rom drive as a cup holder I don't know. :)

McScroggz2502d ago

I just don't see the Wii U dominating under any circumstance. The asymmetrical gameplay didn't catch on like the Wii's motion gaming, so it never will. With new, much more powerful consoles coming it can only compete with a price drop (unless the two consoles are priced too high). The Wii U is just an underpowered system.

The handheld market is different than consoles - I don't think a few games are going to automatically make droves of people buy the system when most of the dedicated fans already own it. The Wii sold a ton of consoles, but it was purely because of the novelty. Despite having great 1st party games Nintendo consoles before the Wii were in a constant decline - that's with Zelda games, Mario games, Metroid games, Mario Kart games and Super Smash Bros.

I don't want the Wii U to fail, I just have a hard time believing the Wii U can turn it around and outsell the PS4 and Xbox One.

BrianC62342502d ago

I doubt it. Even that list wouldn't do much.

PigPen2502d ago

Nintendo 1st party games have star power. I love my Mario, Zelda and Metroid. They need to invest in more partnerships like bayonetta, but I want them to make new games. When Monolith Soft release X, task them to make a new IP. If Nintendo was to announce something like what Microsoft is doing, it will be game over. 15 exclusives with 8 of them new games will look better fit for Nintendo. All they have to do is announce something similar and I won't look back.

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