Is the Xbox One really going to be THAT bad? Come on

It's funny. Mere minutes after Microsoft wrapped up its presentation of its Xbox One console on Tuesday, the negative commentary began flowing on Twitter, Facebook, and especially reddit. Many were complaining about the lack of games. Others were wondering why Microsoft didn't show more. Most folks were disappointed that a price wasn't given – though more answers are undoubtedly coming after E3.

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maxgamehard3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Mandatory online checks, mandatory kinect, no upgradeable hardware, indies gotta find publishers, mandatory hard drive installation, paid online play, kinect watching me, primary casual focus, used game fees and it won't allow use of xbox 360 headsets

Yes it is going to be bad. M$ will destroy gaming if this console succeeds.

I own 2 360s. This is not about fanboyism, its about whats right. M$ are pursuing anti consumer policies.

M$ lost track of whats important and only focus on feeding their wallets.

Support the companies who do right by you not the ones that spit in your face and take advantage of you.


ltachiUchiha3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

See I wish more gamers felt like you, I mean xbox extremists get mad that we arent afraid to speak out when there is a problem but if sony or nintendo did this id also feel the same way towards them aswell. What microsoft is doing is wrong & they are trying to change the game industry & restrict us with what we can and cant do with the games we bought. Like the 1st poster said, its not about being fanboyish, its just WRONG.


Lol I know who they are. Extremist dont bother me but its annoying that they can sit there & just yawn like microsoft is only doing whats best for the gaming industry when its the total opposite.

maxgamehard3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Exactly, If you bring and unbiased opinion and state facts you are called out as a fanboy. People are unable accept the facts.

We should never allow for a company to take advantage of us. By buying this console you are telling M$ its ok to pursue these anti consumer policies. If you give someone an inch they take a mile.

At the end of the day, the company that does the right thing should get your hard earned money.

Unless M$ changes their policy, which is highly unlikely given their track record, I will being only owning a PS4 and Wii U this gen.

ltachiUchiha3472d ago


Im with you, if microsoft doesnt debunk these things, im not going to bother buying the xbox one. I am not going to support their movement & greed.

MikeMyers3472d ago

This isn't about fanboyism or anything like that, it's about seeing the full picture first. People need to relax and calm down.

Nobody is forcing you to buy the system so stop acting like it's your duty to inform others not to purchase it. I've never seen so much drama in all my life over videogames. What was the reaction when Valve released Steam?

Gaming1013472d ago

Microsoft isn't going to "Destroy gaming" if they go through with their nonsense.
What you will see is a repeat of the PS2 vs Xbox era. The PS2 sold over 150 million units, the xbox sold 20 million. Microsoft will be able to change their business model midway through if it really doesn't work, we'll see how well Microsoft can adapt to business realities, or whether they truly are a bunch of greedy old guys looking for bigger shirt term paychecks over all else.

rainslacker3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )


It was waiting to see the "full picture" that got many off of MS back when these things were just rumors. How many "It's just a rumor", or "Wait until the reveal" calls did we get from the Xbox side. Same on the Sony side when they had these rumors. We dropped it and moved on to wait and see the "full picture". When they are rumors I can understand this proposition, and do feel it wise to be prudent.

Now that they are at least partially confirmed for Xbox, it it really necessary to wait to see how far they will bend us over before we protest, or worse, blindly accept it and allow it to become the norm. This is why we feel the need to "inform" others. Because their decisions could have effects on all of us.

No, I'm afraid that it is our responsibility as consumers and gamers to speak out against the thinks we do not agree with. If some corporate apologists don't like it, then tell us why all these things are OK, otherwise why should we care what you have to say. Stop trying to get us to be quiet. Address the issue instead of ignoring it for later.

MikeMyers3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )


"Now that they are at least partially confirmed for Xbox, it it really necessary to wait to see how far they will bend us over before we protest, or worse, blindly accept it and allow it to become the norm. This is why we feel the need to "inform" others. Because their decisions could have effects on all of us."

We still don't know the full picture. A lot of these decisions can be based on software updates. We now know the the Xbox One has 8GB of DDR3 ram, we know what the controller and system looks like. However the most important part of any game console is still unclear, the games.

"No, I'm afraid that it is our responsibility as consumers and gamers to speak out against the thinks we do not agree with. If some corporate apologists don't like it, then tell us why all these things are OK, otherwise why should we care what you have to say. Stop trying to get us to be quiet. Address the issue instead of ignoring it for later."

It's not my job to get people to stop, it's not my product I'm selling. People are free to express themselves however they choose. Just like those who support it should be allowed that same courtesy.

I am just suggesting to wait and see all the details before acting like the world is about to end. That's not how the internet works, people love to over-dramatize. We have also yet to hear Sony's full details on used games. What they said wasn't totally clear. All they said is they will allow used games, so will the Xbox One.

To change directions a bit I'm sure PC gamers were unhappy losing physical media. Now most PC gamers love Steam and those games are even more restrictive. They don't allow selling or buying used games. The prices are lower when they go on sale so they ignore that for the most part. Games still need to be downloaded. The physical medium still remains for the Xbox One and the PS4 because not everyone can or will want to download 25+ GB files.

If Microsoft can convince me or anyone else why being connected can have its benefits I will listen. I won't put my fingers in my ears and act like a 2 year old. If the used games can somehow benefit the publisher (because we all know used games are an issue to them as they feel they are lost sales) and still give the consumer some flexibility then why shouldn't we see how it works first? Oh I know why, some consumers don't like change. They don't care about publishers losing sales. They don't think it's an issue to begin with. They don't care about piracy.

If you don't want to hear the rest of what they have to say that's fine. That's your choice. But don't ever try and suggest that your decisions should influence mine.

Also if anyone cares I had this in my profile ever since I watched the Xbox One event:

"Chance of buying a PS4 - 70%, a Wii U - 30%, Xbox One - 50%"

Which means so far Sony has impressed me the most of all the new systems. Does that sound like a Microsoft employee many like to claim I am? The reason why the Wii U is low is because Nintendo always seems to be a generation or two behind in many areas. Both hardware and online services. That of course could all change after E3. Rumors are that a brand new 3D Mario game will be coming later this year. I bought a Wii just for Mario Galaxy.

rainslacker3472d ago

"We still don't know the full picture"

No but we know enough to make an educated guess into how it may work, and how it might effect us. We know that the 2nd hand market is not something that we want eradicated any more than we want it controlled by the console manufacturers or publishers. If they could tell us more on why that would be a positive thing, don't you think they would have done it already? If it really is a positive thing for consumers, why keep us in the dark? There is no practical reason for that, and I doubt anything they do will be advantageous to us, the customer.

For the time being, we don't know if Sony will try to implement any of this, and the only thing which leaves some doubt is their statement about "leaving it up to the publisher". But I've seen many people who said they would abandon Sony if they were to go this route also. The issue is more than just X1/PS4, it's about gaming and consumer rights in general, and I wish people would stop trying to bring fan boy nonsense into it(not implying you are).

Agree with you about Steam. But did you know there are some of us who stopped gaming on PC because of the lack of retail games. I am one of those people. Steam has come a long way, and overall there is value in it's service, but I am totally against a complete DD system. These DRM restrictions are nothing more than a DD market, possibly with some ability to sell games through a controlled marketplace, that has the convenience of retail new purchases. I'm still of the belief that DD has a long way to go, and much of what's happening now is the stuff that needs to be figured out before it's pushed onto the market as the only choice, not after.

I'm perfectly aware of what the benefits are of being connected. I have no problem keeping my system connected most of the time, and do so with my PS3. However I don't want to have to have it forced on me. I know of no good reason for why the customer should have to have an internet connection in order to play a games console outside of online games, particularly since what people are upset about is the DRM measures involved. I can think of plenty of reasons why it's beneficial otherwise, just none to why it should be mandatory...even if it's not always-on.

I want to hear the rest of what they have to say. In fact I think most people are begging or demanding for them to tell us the rest of what they have to say. But it's apparent right now that the don't want to say anything, in which case, we will do the talking.

MikeMyers3472d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I think Microsoft has been given enough flexibility and some people have been more than patient with them. E3 is likely their last chance to prove hardcore gaming is still front and center. Not just throwing a few bones out here and there with another Forza and perhaps a couple of new ip's to tide us over for another generation.

Some people who probably know a hell of a lot more than I do have said the profitability of the Xbox 360 was the main focus and now that they reached it they have put more resources behind studios. Which is apparently what they have done. They have been setting up new game studios so I too want to see exactly where the focus is.

The always online thing has no impact on me. Call me selfish I don't care. I have both my PS3, PC and Xbox 360 connected at all times now. Not a problem here. Yes this will impact some people but so did going to broadband only at the time when Xbox Live came out and most were still on dial-up. If it means they can reduce load times, have games already patched, be able to access your games anywhere on any Xbox One system then I'm all for it. Netflix and many others services do very well that rely solely on people being connected. Don't have a good connection or any at all? Too bad, so sad. It's time to move forward, so get out of the boondocks and live in the city.

Kinect always being on doesn't bother me at all either. I've got nothing to hide. If it means the system is always in stand-by mode and can be turned on quickly great.

Lastly is the used games. They will have something in place. You will still have some form of a used market. My guess is registered outlets like Gamestop will be authorized dealers and there has been a deal in place of what percentage goes to the hardware supplier, and the game publisher and the retailer. So yes, games are likely to be a bit more money and places like E-Bay and Craigslist will take a beating. It is still what's better out there now on Steam and games sold on Xbox Live or Playstation Network or Nintendo Online.

I expect all the big game publishers to be the ones behind this, not just Microsoft. EA, Activision and Ubisoft. EA and Ubisoft have their own services online and I imagine they want to be rewarded for investing in them. So even the PS4 will likely adopt this program. I don't know about Sony, all we know is they have been fully supportive of the online passes and Microsoft hasn't.

Games like Watchdogs and Destiny will also require an online connection too I imagine. The old days of multiplayer and MMO's are now being amalgamated into single player games like Simcity and Diablo III. This is a direction they are headed. Simcity has sold 1.6 million copies in just 2 months and that is only on the PC. Diablo III has sold over 10 million and that was PC only too. So the market is there. Almost half of EA games are already just digital sales. Forcing consumers will likely be much higher than current digital copies sold but they may lose a few in the process but digital sales are growing, not shrinking. That might be worth the risk to them by controlling the used market and potentially eliminating piracy. Both Diablo III and Simcity have yet to have a proper running pirated game.

MikeMyers3472d ago (Edited 3471d ago )


The reason why they may not be talking is likely due to ironing out all the deals with publishers and game retailers. It's not like Microsoft just thinks this stuff up and just does it like some may think. It's probably more of a case some publishers won't release next gen games unless the hardware can provide those restrictions. Online passes was just a beta. It's just a matter of who will have a better system in place. So far Microsoft is the only one of the two who have said something and I feel Sony is going to remain quiet as long as possible and let them take most of the heat. Sony would be taking every opportunity right now if they could about used games. They would have come out and said, come to us on the PS4, we won't have any restrictions on used games. Them being quiet tells me they too have something going on and they are also working out the finer details.

At the end of the day it's still about entertainment and what each consumer sees value in what they buy. A game like GT6 on the PS3 is something I would buy and not likely trade. To me it's worth $60 so I don't care if it has DRM attached to it. Of course I'd like to try other games out and not risk $60 down the drain. That's why consumers will have to be more savvy in their decisions. Maybe people will buy less games. Maybe people will wait longer like some do for Steam games. Maybe Microsoft will require demo's for all games like they currently do for XBLA titles. Again we don't have all the details to make informed decisions. You can't buy a Xbox One now or a pS4 for that matter for months. So we will have to wait regardless.

rainslacker3471d ago

First of all, don't take my comments to mean that I'm not interested in the games. I too am interested in what they have to offer, and where they are going. In fact I'm more interested in that aspect more than anything else. Which is why I am willing to wait till E3 for that. If these other things didn't come out, I'd be telling people to wait.

The always online thing doesn't effect me much. I usually am online. But it's a slippery slope, where having it become mandatory leads to other problems down the line. For instance, there's nothing to say they can't change the connection requirement to every 12 or 3 hours.
Then next gen they say, lets try always-on, they're used to always connected. Because of this, I prefer they get the message now, instead of later.

Kinect doesn't bother me much either. I don't play into conspiracy theories, but with MS recent Skype report it does cause concern. There are some marketing issues, but won't get into that now.

The used games restriction is my biggest concern. This is one of the most anti-consumer efforts I've ever seen from a game company. If it was an outright restriction of used games, then fair enough. I could say I wouldn't buy it, call it DD in retail form, and leave it at that. But no. MS had to go one step further. You're "guessing" it is registered at GameStop and other outlets. That is control, plain and simple. MS, and likely some of it's partners(and if Sony does it, them too), are trying to control the retail market in such a way that it is restricting consumer rights. It's not end of the world, but it is serious enough to talk about.

I expect it's big publishers who pushed or demanded this. MS was OK with allowing 2nd hand without an online pass with the 360 on their titles. This is a complete change in that policy, and it makes no sense other than they see a profit in controlling the 2nd hand market.

Games that require an online connection to function are fine. In those cases, you have to have online. Customers understand that mostly. If they get the game and didn't know about online, that's another issue. But for what is being talked about here, it's being extended to all game types, and including all gamers whether they want this or not. Inclusion is meaningless if it excludes, and that's exactly what this does.

I can't say what Sony will do, which is why they aren't singled them out. For the time being, MS is the only one that has confirmed these things exists on their system. However, if Sony does confirm any of them as well expect them to get just as much hate.

What's worse, is so many people are going to miss the point, and use it for the console wars acting like it's now all OK. They're already trying to do that with these, "Sony is going to do it too" comments.

I agree, the value that people hold in their purchases is their own. However, the being more savvy in their game purchases is a problem. People are less likely to buy those smaller titles. The only games which are going to benefit from these schemes is the big budget, highly advertised, overused franchises that people know that they are going to like. The possibility on them taking a chance on a smaller lesser known title is severely diminished. This is particularly true if the publishers control the retail chain, and can price fix their products in the market.

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Enemy3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Xbox enthusiasts have been conditioned in such a way that they're ok with all those of things. Daily collection of private information including the layout of your own home is a mandatory collaboration between you and Microsoft, and that's ok!

ApolloTheBoss3472d ago

True. Very True. I started with 360 this gen and I sometimes STILL can't believe that multiplayer is free on PS3. M$ spoiled me and turned me into their puppet for a while but I woke up and saw the light. It should be ILLEGAL to charge you twice for a game you already paid for, let alone charge you to use a web browser while already paying for the damn internet bill. Xbots really need to wake up and realized they've been ripped off for years.

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Blacktric3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

"no upgradeable hardware"


And yes it is really really really going to be bad.

Gildarts3472d ago

The only thing that is bothering me is Mandatory 24hour internet checks.

That is the biggest bullshit I've ever heard. What if I didn't pay my ISP? i can't play my games.. On my gamesconsole.. That is really messed up.

I love Xbox One but that is the major failure for me right there. I hope they figure it out.

Thats the only problem I have with it. Dont care about kinect "watching" me. I really don't see why that bothers anyone. Except for conspiracy theorists.
Microsoft is watching you.. Lol

Mandatory installation seem to be the norm nextgen. Since Sony is doing the same. And I doubt they are focusing on casuals they clearly said that the games are going to be at E3. I don't care paying $10 a month for a great service which is now even better. Your other points is just nitpicking.

anyway they really need to think twice about the online requirement. They are going to lose a lot of customers with it.

McScroggz3472d ago

You don't care about the significant difference in power? It's not something Sony fanboys came up with. It is real, and it is a decent gap. 8GB of GDDR5 RAM with 7 available for games versus 8GB of DDR3 RAM with 5 available for games. Slower processors, fewer available cores, more bottlenecks, etc. This isn't the only issue with the Xbox One compared to the PS4 for me, but the only way there won't be a legitimate difference in third party games is if Microsoft throws enough money at publishers to force them...and even then the PS4 will still perform better.

Elit3Nick3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

*sigh* how many times do I need to say this, x1 gpu specs are not confirmed, it's simply the conclusion that psfanboys jumped to, and even if it is true, cloud computing will likely even it out, unless the ps4 uses the same thing

NextGen24Gamer3472d ago

The Xbox One is a powerful piece of hardware with 8GB RAM, 64-bit processors and plenty more muscle. But as time passes this hardware will age. As Xbox One Director of development Boyd Multerer pointed out, "You'll still have a limited number of transistors in your house; in your box."

But the Xbox One is built to communicate with servers in the cloud to increase the computational potential of the system. Boyd continued "[As a developer] I can start doing things like shifting latency insensitive things to the cloud. You may have a limited number of transistors in your house, but you have an unlimited number of transistors in the cloud"

As bandwidth improves, there is potential for actual game computations to be off-loaded to servers in the cloud, essentially allowing the Xbox One to become more powerful over time as more and more transistors are connected to Microsoft's cloud infrastructure.

"We have an ever-evolving, powerful world [in the cloud] that we can tap into."

"This is not going to be as static a console as we've seen in the past," Multerer enthused.

rainslacker3472d ago

At what point can we mark this as spam?

a_bro3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

This is the biggest sounding pr bs I've ever heard. If the cloud was really going to push computational power, we would of been shown a demonstration in that reveal just to shut our traps. But you know what they didn't, it's all about this "potential" they talk about, like how they showed kinect when it was called natal in the early days. That's why it's bs.

So stop.

Elit3Nick3472d ago

I'm sure if it was Sony saying this instead of ms then you guys would jump in joy and say that the ps4 is now x times more powerful, anytime something good is mentioned about the x1 then it has to instantly be considered a pr stunt or some other kind of bs. Why didn't microsoft show off cloud computing during the reveal? Because they didn't show off gameplay yet, which is reserved for e3 as they've said weeks in advance. I'm not saying that it's set in stone, but I'm not ignorant enough to think that ms lies about anything good...

a_bro3472d ago

If Sony said this, I would doubt it as well. In fact ken kutiragi mentioned it back then. And I called it a pr bs back then.

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adorie3472d ago

Combine 4 and 1 together to create the total number of braincells that the people defending this crap have left. smfh

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detroitmademe3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

i dont think either console will suck, but if i had to choose 1(which i do because im poor.) it would b ps4. ive never approved of the fees xbox has. PS4 has the devs,exclusives and console horsepower too.ALL That being said, i still expect xbox to hold its own this gen.

NextGen24Gamer3472d ago

The Xbox One has some seriously impressive specs, right? Although, as many fanboys have been quick to point out, they aren’t completely on par with PS4. So advantage Sony, right?

Not so fast. Microsoft seems to have some big plans for the Cloud with the upcoming system. In their words, Xbox One’s processing power is not fixed and not static- over time, the system may simply offload a lot of its computing to the cloud, leaving up more resources on the hardware for immediate computing. Effectively, the system becomes more powerful by being connected to the internet.

Boyd Multerer, the developer of the hardware on the next Xbox, had this to say: ”The last one, the box was fixed… but that Xbox One will have access to a growing number of transistors that are not that far away that will allow for bigger worlds, and take some of the things that are normally done locally and push them out.”

by pushing peripheral processes onto the cloud, the Xbox One will become more powerful over time.

McScroggz3472d ago

Okay, let me just ask you this: do you believe those things because people from Microsoft say they will do that?

Because if you actually thought about it, and read a little about it, you would realize the whole magic of the cloud is just a PR buzzword to get people who aren't technologically savvy to buy into an infinite amount of processing and advancement.

Seriously, I urge you to read about the subject. If that's what gives you confidence in the Xbox One then I don't want you to be disappointed. Plus, if Sony needed to do this they could AND they would have a more powerful console to start with.

punisher993472d ago

"Not so fast. Microsoft seems to have some big plans for the Cloud with the upcoming system. In their words,"

Which is not relavant for people who dont game on the internet or dont have fast enough internet. And it might be completely irrelevant all together if gamers dont buy this console. The amount of negative hype this console is developing is over whelming.

NextGen24Gamer3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )


I not only believe it, I know it. My life long best friend is a developer and he said that Micorosft has been planning this all along. Sony could have but they weren't forward thinking enough to invest in the amount of servers and tech to make it happen. 7 years MS has been working on this. That is why they didn't really care that Sony went with faster ram and a little more raw power! Microsoft knew exactly what they were doing. And you have to give credit where credit is due. Sony will use the cloud for simple things, but they are years and years behind Microsoft in regards to servers and the tech it takes to do what they plan in regards to offloading computations for gaming through the cloud network! You and other sony fans obviously don't want to believe it. But talk to ANY DEVELOPER...which I have....And they will tell you its more than real! Now as internet speeds improve, developers will be able to offload more and really advance the gaming computations. But even with the speeds we have today. ALOT can be done to augment the games. That is why MS is pushing everyone to be connected! This way developers know that everyone who has purchased the system, not only has kinnect, but they have internet and augmenting with the cloud computing will become the norm! I have stated before...1st party devs will definately use it and when 3rd party devs see what can be done with it and how much it improves the games, they will jump on board too and Sony will be left with hardware that is static!


The negative hype is coming from sony fans! The xbox one is #1 on amazons wish list in the USA and in the UK...It doesn't sound like the sony negative blitz is working out to well does it? LOL...Not only that...If you live on the computer, you would think that bs is real. but I live in the real world and everyone I know is super excited about it. They just don't live in these forums. #1 wished for on Amazon. Ps4 is #4....It's not working sony fans! LOL

Kyosuke_Sanada3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Oh yeah? My dad is Bill Gates!

Sarobi3472d ago

#1 Never lasts though. It doesn't matter where you are in the beginning, but where you finish at the end. Take a look at 360.. it was ahead for so long but now it's finally been caught.. but of course since you probably think it's irrelevant now, you'll just brush it off.

rainslacker3472d ago

"And you have to give credit where credit is due"

No, we have to give credit when they actually do something that is deserving of credit. I can give credit that it's an interesting idea, but until it shows a practical application, or at least an actual real-world working theory, there is no credit earned.

If your going to keep going off on this cloud thing, go educate yourself about it, and by educate I mean read more than press releases from MS. There are so many reasons why asynchronous computing isn't practical for gaming right now, and I hate to tell you this, but most of those issues aren't going to change in 5-7 years time. Additive cloud computing is good for supplemental, non mission-critical computing within a game run-time. It's not going to be what MS is making it out to be.

Seriously, if you weren't a member for so long, I would swear you were a MS employee. Actually based on your past comment history you may be.

Are you sure you aren't greenpowerz? He's been MIA the last few days...

One last thing. I don't care why MS is pushing me to be connected. I don't want to be forced to be connected to enjoy my games. If I choose to do so for this added feature I will. It's up to MS to prove it's worth being connected, not to force me to to prove their worth.

Dazzav013472d ago

And what about people with out Internet what do they do with the all mighty cloud and xbox one not a lot it's just bs from Microsoft they don't care about consumers they just care about filling there pockets the cloud is bs. And I'm not a ps3 fanboy I own a 360 and love it.

punisher993472d ago

"The xbox one is #1 on amazons wish list in the USA and in the UK."

lol. I laugh every time 360 fanboys say that, as if these 2 countries equal the entire planet.

"by pushing peripheral processes onto the cloud, the Xbox One will become more powerful over time."

Do you have any idea what kinda bandwidth it takes to stream a current generation game in 720p?? 1080p gaming with even stronger graphics is gonna take an ultra high speed connection, probably roughly 15mb download speed or faster. Unless of course they settle for 720p/30 fps. Good luck with your inferior gaming, while ps4 gamers will be enjoying 1080p/60 fps

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Sarobi3472d ago

As I've expressed in other articles, the mandatory Kinect just gives me a weird vibe..

Jek_Porkins3472d ago

Considering we have no confirmation on some of these things, I kind of doubt it.
We don't know Sony's stance on a camera with every console, we don't know about their used game stance yet either.

I think the Xbox One has the potential to do very well, it'll have 90% of the same games as the PS4, dedicated servers on every game, and a lot of other options as well. I think it'll come down to individual preference. I spent 75% of my gaming time with the Xbox 360, couldn't imagine going a generation without my Halo fix, most of the stuff like privacy concerns are kind of BS in my opinion, if you're like me and had a Kinect and PS Eye, they were pretty much always on anyway.

If you don't want it, don't buy it, but sitting there complaining about it over and over again is pointless.

MysticStrummer3472d ago

"We don't know Sony's stance on a camera with every console"

What does this even mean? It doesn't matter if they include a camera with every console, because the console doesn't require an online connection. I'm betting they won't include a camera to keep cost down.

As for their used game stance, once again, PS4 doesn't require an online connection so copying MS's used game system is out of the question. They already said they'd leave it up to publishers so yet again there is no comparison.

If you want One, buy it, but sitting here defending it over and over again is pointless.

Jek_Porkins3472d ago

I am planning to buy one, just pointing out that slamming one company without knowing 100% of the plans for the other is ignorant. Game on!

kenmid3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

If you look at Sony website it shows the camera comes with system so what are you talking about?

MysticStrummer3472d ago

@kenmid - I didn't think about the lights on the controller. It makes sense that the camera would be included, but it doesn't matter because PS4 isn't required to be online. That's the point.

mursumaki3472d ago

"I didn't think about the lights on the controller. It makes sense that the camera would be included, but it doesn't matter because PS4 isn't required to be online. That's the point."

So you are going to use your ps4 only offline???

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IQUITN4G3472d ago

lets be honest this surely has to be of some concern to people that enjoy their library of games