Naruto Storm 4: All 40 DLC Possibilities

All DLC Possibilities for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

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Bee2510d ago

WOW! Imagine if CC2 could actually create those awesome DLCs! If only, if only...
I hope that CC2 can take more idea from fans, THEN this would be the perfect game! (in terms of characters and features, the mechanisms still need a lot of work).
Nice website too

Yi-Long2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

.... when I buy a game, I want a complete product.

I don't want to spend 50-60 bucks on a game, get home, and then see the guy who just got my money is hitting me up to nickel-and-dime me for some extra bucks through DLC-milking, most of which could and thus should have been included in the retail-release, as unlockables.

DLC-milking is the reason I haven't picked up Storm 3, and probably never will.

ZoroS32510d ago

I have to agree with you and yeah. DLC isn't something you should spend too much money on and what if Storm 4 or the next game has free dlc even though the game is complete? that would be epic.

Bee2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Yes everyone is a fan of unlockable features and characters (especially me! :D) but knowing Cyper Connect 2, they will not go for that choice if they the see the option of DLCs staring straight into their faces especially because of how successful their previous ones were (in terms of purchase). But yes, I do agree with you, I really don't like the way these game developers try and take EVEN MORE MONEY from you when you have already spent a lot buying the game! (sigh...) Games were everything is unlockable are the best!

LoneWolf0192510d ago

At this point dont even want a 4 since the battle with sauske isnot gonna be epic at all since hes "back" as to say. Unless the writers are just using that as a ruse.

ZoroS32510d ago

Yeah but still, for 4 we would get to fight with like the hokages and minato in bijuu mode and team 7 and obito and maybe new characters. But I agree with you.

spartan112g2510d ago

They're still going to throw down though, and it will be epic!

ZoroS32510d ago

yeah I can't wait for the next game. :)

LoneWolf0192508d ago

But not as epic as a death battle.

EyezOpen192508d ago

Rather than tons of dlc, I'd love for an aiming mechanism for projectile ninjutsu like fireball jutsu. Also a rapid fire system like if I hold down circle(ps3), the jutsu (for ex. Kakashi's lightning beast running) would come out rapidly while his chakra decreases, PLUS aiming it in all directions at the same time. Gives a better feel of the game and the opponent has a lot more dodging to do than a single side step. -_-