Time and Eternity English version gameplay Part 1 - Examiner

Time and Eternity is a curious JRPG, one that uses 2D art in every aspect of its visuals. Remember how Namco Bandai's Tales series originated with 2D sprites? Time and Eternity looks like what the Tales games would've looked had it not gone the cel shaded route.

As the U.S. publisher of Time and Eternity, NIS America sent over this early review code and allowed to post a couple clips of gameplay. This first clip was taken about an hour into the game, where we explore one of the outdoor maps and engage in a few battles.

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Snookies122507d ago

There are some things that are really cool I'm seeing, yet other things that are equally as bad... Ehhh, still really on the fence with this one.

pompombrum2507d ago

That presumably open world view is absolutely awful plus the combat looks terrible. I'll probably buy it to support it as a JRPG but still, no matter how bad it is, there is always Tales of Xillia around the corner.

dark-kyon2507d ago

imagepoch make interesting combat system for his rpg,fate extra and black rock shooter have a original and fun battle system.

wishingW3L2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

if I were the producer of this game I would have killed the project during pre-production stages.

Auron2507d ago

would be cool if they made a breath of fire that looked like this (as in animated)

DrakenSilverwing2507d ago

I honestly think it will be cool. it might be some getting used to and all at first but i think it will be fun regardless. looks it looks clean and pretty. heh

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