Microsoft Digs Bigger Hole Over Used Games

The company has assigned Major Nelson the task of trying (and failing) to clarify its stance with Xbox One.

In a bizarre attempt to provide “clarification” over the mixed signals on how Xbox One will handle used games, Xbox evangelist Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has issued a statement meant to clarify the company’s stance. The statement does not succeed in doing that.

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kingmushroom2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

like they haven't dug their grave deep enough

Chaostar2502d ago

They're trying to sneak into Japan :P

gaffyh2502d ago

*round of applause*

Now that was REALLY good.

Excalibur2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

"We will disclose more information in the near future.”

Why? answer the questions now.

Will the XBone play used games? Yes or No.

If yes will there be a fee? Yes or No.

If so how much will the fee be?

If a retail fee will M$ always track the lowest cost of a game at every online outlet and price their fee accordingly? or will it always be a set fee say $1, $5 or $30?

See how simple that was?

When you dance around it you tell me you have something to hide or you got some shadiness up your sleeve.

Perjoss2502d ago

"When you dance around it you tell me you have something to hide or you got some shadiness up your sleeve."

That's not really true, all companies do this, yes even Sony, if you ask them something they are not ready to reveal they will tell you to ask again later or they will tell you about an event where they plan to give more information.

Pozzle2502d ago

But there's a lot of confusion and negativity surrounding the Xbox One's reveal right now, so it seems strange that Microsoft is keeping so tight-lipped over it when they really should have clarified these points at the actual reveal. Being vague and refusing the answer questions is only making them look bad at this point.

InspectorG2502d ago

Here's the thing. They were ready to reveal some of it - if they weren't then their executives (!) would not be giving out statements. They could have said "oh, no comment for now, we will talk about used games soon" but no Phil went through elaborate examples of how you can play at someone's house, so long as they use your account, and if not they would then play an unlock fee etc...

This isn't something you would say if they were not prepped for it. They go through so much media training (yes mistakes are still made, we are all human) but since those comments are being reported on and it just gets more confusing it is entirely their fault, and it does appear they have something to hide.

If you notice in the clarification comment, there is no mention of the fee etc. that is what people are getting angry about, there is no mention about games being tied to an account and can't be played by a friend. That is also what people are angry about. We all have no doubts that the XB1 will play used games, we just want to know about the control they have put into place. Yet no one will address that with a straight answer... Gives me an impression that they have something to hide

Excalibur2502d ago

@Pozzle, agree 100%

When they said "Just to clarify" then by all means clarify.

They answer a question that contradicts what another M$ representative said and confuse things even more.

Question to M$: When you put a key into a car ignition and turn it what should happen.

M$ answer: Yes, the tires are black.

sway_z2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Gamers are making this too much of a big deal.....wait for E3, shut your mouths and vote with your wallets!


kingmushroom2502d ago

Its the internetz you cant just shut its mouth up.


sway_z2502d ago

I simply mean...don't buy XBone if you don't like where MS are going...

I'm getting PS4, but all these articles are repetitive now.




I agree about the vote with your wallet, but if we don't make a big deal of it now many people, especially the less informed who don't spend time on sites like this won't know and they will support this crap with their wallets.

rainslacker2502d ago

Typically in these situations, ignoring the problem doesn't make it go away, just makes it come back with a vengeance. Sure we could shut our mouths and wait, but then we might be stuck with it. I'd rather err on the side of caution and principle. If I end up being wrong, I'll admit it readily when that time comes.

002502d ago

they're going to find out people are going to be buying less of there games.

kassler2502d ago

Strange that they didn't prepared an official answer to this before the reveal. Now everyone is saying different things.

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The story is too old to be commented.