The Next-Gen Forecast


Let me come right out and say that I do I have a favorite in the battle for next-gen console superiority. My favorite is un-important at this point and the perspective from which this opinion piece is written will hopefully reflect that. At this point, having a fair amount information about each big three next-gen consoles, let’s take a look at how they may potentially fare in the coming months and years.

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2510d ago
medman2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Unless Microsoft brings stunning new games to E3 (highly doubtful) this system could be dead in the water with gamers. There is no question I'm picking up a PS4. I'm still on the fence about the Xbox One, but Microsoft is trying very hard to push me clearly over to the "no" side of the fence. I am not impressed by one thing they have shown thus far. They have made a tactical error in the design of their console and how it's memory and capabilities will be utilized. You can only do so much when your design limits the possibilities compared to your main competitor. And if your main selling points are functions I can already perform with my tablet and entertainment system, and not great exclusive games, you're in trouble because I have no reason to purchase your device.

MNGamer-N2509d ago

The Illumiroom idea is the only thing that could make me buy a new Xbox. I think that looks interesting. I know it is years away, but making a cool new gaming experience is what I'm after. Not watching Basketball or the Price is right by waving my arms around.

kwandar2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Listen to Joe - Xbox One is DOA

This leaves PS4 (unless they monumentally screw consumers like MS - very possible) and Wii U (a known quantity).

Consumers are now starting to get off the fence, and both Wii U and PS4 will gain from Xbox One's total fail. However, since both PS4 and Xbox One provide no backward compatibility, it is highly likely that initial sales will be low (or dismally non-existent for Xbox One,given its "consumer friendly features")

Wii U is actually looking much stronger. They haven't brought their "A" game yet for either the hardcore audience which they haven't exactly been known for (Bayonetta, Watchdogs, etc) or their casual audience (Wii Fit U?).

The lag that we now see with Wii U delivery of product will also hit other first gen consoles. PS4 might make it, but first year isn't going to be good. PS4 is now competing with PCs and Steam.

Nintendo was actually smart. Lower price point, a year's jump on the competition to get game development cranking, ability to bring across mobile games, asymmetrical gaming, off screen gaming (and maybe TVii - someday). Nope, they didn't bring hardware, but it remains a complete unknown as to whether the PS4/Xbox1 hardware will make a significant enough difference to the game experience to move us off PS3/360.

Surprisingly I think Wii U is now likely to win, despite its slow start. Ohh ... and Steam/PC will too.

psoomah2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Like Windows 8, the reveal dissed their existing base in service to some 'greater unified future' vision.

And got approximately the same response.

Sony has yet to put a foot wrong while Microsoft stumbles about like a drunken sailor ending up in the rose bushes.