Three Hyperdimension Neptunia Games Headed To Vita

By David Nelson

Maybe I'm mentioning this a little early for our concerns but I know we have some Hyperdimension Neptunia fans around here somewhere and they deserve extra time to make a ruckus.

Somewhat recently Compile Heart quietly announced there would be a spin-off idol game coming to Vita in Japan called Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP. But the news doesn't end there. Capsule Computers citing Dengeki Playstation reports that two more Neptunia titles are coming to Vita.

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Snookies122503d ago

The real question is... Will any of these be localized?

ltachiUchiha2503d ago

Im not into these games but I love jrpg's and most fighting japanese games.

Snookies122503d ago

I've honestly never played a Hyper Dimension game, (except the Japanese demo for V). I don't think I'd be into them on console, but on the Vita? I would probably buy them. Something about RPGs on a handheld that makes me happy.

I agree though, I love JRPGs and fighters (made in or outside of Japan).

ltachiUchiha2503d ago

Yeah these kinda games are more suited for a handheld or any small device. Its just good to see sony really pushing games for all their systems.

izumo_lee2503d ago

The idol singing one probably will not but the remake of the original & the one starring Noire have a chance to.

Played all 3 console games, loved them & platinum them cause they are so easy to do so. Simple JRPGs that cater to the otaku market. Not for everyone but i enjoyed them a lot.

tiffac0082503d ago

That's the golden question and I hope they do. If they do plan to port the 1st game from the PS3. I hope they upgrade the system like what Mk2 has.

r212503d ago

If its the console JRPG ported to vita, then i might actually get into this series. Bring it over first though.

sherimae24132503d ago

this 3 neptunia games are already announced in march, but anyways to those who havent heard of this... this will be a good news to neptunia fans out there ^_^

since most of all neptunia games are localized, there is a high chance this games will be localized ^_^

ThePsychoGamer2502d ago

Two of them are, the third is a rhythm game.

tubers2502d ago

Also, the 3rd is more of an Idol Management Game.. Not like Project Diva f and DJ Max TT ("Actual" rhythm game).