Microsoft Has Gamers' Heads in the Cloud

E-mpire takes a look at some of the claims made by Microsoft about how cloud computing will make the Xbox One many times more powerful.

GamersRulz3844d ago

let me ask you a question.

if the clouds are this powerful, why even bother with releasing Xbox One? Instead connect this MAGIC power to the 360 and bring up the performance to PS4 levels.

Use your brain people, MS didn't create 300K server to bring power to the One, they created them to monitor and check every Xbox One sold. that's why it's 24/7 online machine.

Think people. use the damn brains you have for once.

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MonkeyNinja3844d ago

Um, did you read the article? It basically explains how the whole "3x the power" crap that M$FT has been touting around recently is nonsense. I was simply agreeing with that.

And I agree with you also, if what M$FT is saying, then theoretically, they should be able to just use these servers for 360. It's just PR jargon.

MariaHelFutura3844d ago

"MS didn't create 300K server to bring power to the One, they created them to monitor and check every Xbox One sold."

Yep. This thing is the New World Order in a box.

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MariaHelFutura3844d ago

A seagull at this point seems to be smarter than anyone working at Microsoft.

DragonKnight3844d ago

@Kratos_Kills: It isn't about being "smarter" than MS engineers. They've already made themselves look dumb enough. It's about a position of common sense that Microsoft sorely lacks.

its_JEFF3844d ago

I really don't hoe how people are buying so hard into this?!?

Just imagine if such a revolutionary tech was created and its first use or even the first news of it is making.... Better graphics! that's what we used it for!

I'd imagine if this tech was possible the first we'd see of it would be PC gaming! but that would require a massively fast network.

No FanS Land3844d ago

Even if MS is right and Azure works wonders. it's not a neat advantage. I mean Sony has a cloud service too, who knew!?

Their argument is invalid.
I read many MS claims this week being totally all show no go.

and that PR fiasco contradicting everyone one another among top executive people, what the hell!

xPhearR3dx3844d ago

Uhhh why wouldn't they? That's more hardware sales for MS. It also gives them a chance to improve everything. Maybe they could use this on the 360, but that was be a stupid move. You combine this technology with the Xbox One specs + blu ray + improved controller and functionality and you could have one hell of a machine.

forcefullpower3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )


Surprising their are some of us that actually work in the IT at this level not just repairing PC's. I have been brought into so many meeting to be a technical consultant when we get companies try to pitch business and the shit these firms try and spout about what the cloud can do is unbelievable.

The only people that fall for it are the people that know nothing about it.

I can design and build corporate systems that are cheaper and faster that they can do in their own DC's. They just use a lot of smoke and mirrors to confuse the customer into thinks is cheaper for their DC and the people they need to manage it.

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fr0sty3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )


Kinect is always on... watching you masturbate in 3D infrared.

_QQ_3844d ago

@^ I don't think Bulma would mind.

NS3844d ago

Well every one gets it except for delusional xbox fans.


the idea of an always-on, always listening and watching camera is actually an extremely disturbing concept which goes far beyond anything to do with gaming.
verizon, for example, has patented technology within tvs that allow your tv cameras to monitor what it is youre doing in your livingroom, which allows them to run certain advertisements on your TV based on whatever it sees. cuddling with a loved one while watching a movie may lead to commercials about birth control. yelling at someone in your home? how about a nice relaxing add about a premium vacation to the bahamas?
thats right folks- pretty soon, our tvs are going to be watching us!
at some point, people have to stop doing what it most convenient for them, and start doing whats right. to say something like "microsoft is the bad one because theyre doing it with kinect" is naive. pretty soon, this type of thing will be standard practice for most electronics.
Not saying that society has to divorce itself from all modern technology. only saying an always listening and watching game console is not only a step in the wrong direction...but a ton of steps into a place you didnt even know you were headed. I dont know about you guys, but i personally dont feel very comfortable with a piece of machinery that is able to watch and listen to my every action without my consent.
Ask yourselves: is it a conspiracy theory, or the future?

Why o why3844d ago

Google would love that. Im sure they're trialing something like that. I use android but these types of intrusions are not good

Aquarhane3844d ago

All i want to do is pop my game into the console and play, is it that difficult understand?

babis19743844d ago

they have gamers heads in the s**t and they proved it.

Loki863844d ago

I've touched on this topic so many times I'm not even going into it again. These people do not understand how the Azure system works whatsoever, especially by comparing it to Gaikai and Onlive which are strictly streaming services that pass bits of information from point a to point b.

Hicken3844d ago

No. Instead, this is a service that needs information from point A to be sent to point B so point B can perform computations that will then be sent BACK to point A so your frickin game can work correctly.

And it's all supposed to go off without a hitch, without lag or latency. Developers are supposed to code for this, ALONGSIDE the much easier to do PS4 and PC versions, as well as a version for people who WON'T have access to cloud computing.

Am I missing anything?