Mark Cerny to detail PS4 creation at Gamelab

Mark Cerny, Michel Ancel and Jesse Schell will lead the line-up of speakers at this year's Gamelab conference in Barcelona.

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GribbleGrunger2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

I hope they record that. I'll be looking forward to listening to Cerny again. I'm still waiting for him to snap his fingers from yesterday the 20th Feb ...

Arai2511d ago

I hope he actually presents the PS4 at E3, a job he well deserves at this point.

And yeah it would be nice to see/hear the conference (he's up there with the greats).

Jaqen_Hghar2511d ago

A man hopes Kaz Hirai will be at E3 for more than a cameo as well. Also Jack Tretton should be the main E3 host he's the best at riling up a crowd and focusing on the right things. A man can't wait to see what Naughty Dog has been working on.

Mr_Nuts2511d ago

I hope Jack will be there, I kind of like him to be honest, good speaker, great presenter, friendly attitude. I mean I know he's a suit like most other high up company guys but he doesn't come off a fake as others do.

JoGam2510d ago

I like Jacky T. He is really good at presentations.

rainslacker2510d ago

I wouldn't mind if he gets some stage time. I like people with passion talking about their work, particularly when their work is something I'm passionate about.:)

Jack Tretton will probably be lead guy. Honestly I think most Sony people are fun to watch, because most of them have more personality than the executive types of their biggest competition. Even Jack is charming is his somewhat awkward addresses.:)

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ltachiUchiha2511d ago

Phil Harrison was a cool guy but I like Mark Cerny. Cant wait to see more of knack. Hopefully they show more at e3.

Harkins17212511d ago

@Jaqen I agree! I love Jack. Great speaker by far!

WooHooAlex2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I agree, I just love that grin he makes when he takes jabs at the competition or even the RIDGE RACER one he pulled on Kaz. Nobody is better at that than Jack.

I could totally see him opening their press conference, big applause from the crowd when he takes the stage and he goes "Wow, that loud applause, for me? Are you sure that's not coming from the speakers?" And then he gets that big grin on his face.

Can't wait for June 10th! Enough press conferences to keep me busy all day.

Harkins17212510d ago

Got that right! Hopefully see some plenty for gameplay and trailers for Infamous, KIllzone, Knack. ANd more games under there belt!

rainslacker2510d ago

Jack is amazing at pandering to the fans without seeming like a tool. Probably because he actually believes in the stuff he's pushing. I love it when he even takes little jabs at Sony based on whatever topic may have cropped up over the year. His demeanor just puts people at ease.

Corpser2511d ago

Somebody better ask him if ps4 can play used games without paying a fee, or how would publishers implement online activations, and get a clear answer

MoveTheGlow2510d ago

Shhhh... Save that for Kaz. The creator of Marble Madness is talking about hardware development. Let us nerdgasm first.

rainslacker2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

If it isn't Sony's intent, They could just come on stage and the first thing they say "We won't restrict used games in any way, and you will never have to connect to the internet unless you choose to" and they would get a long standing ovation. Nothing more will need to be asked, except maybe online pass implementation or something(which I believe may come back in some form). I say get it out at the conference if it's not their intent. That's where it will get the most notice.

DivineAssault 2510d ago

Hopefully its new information.. E3 is supposed to detail most of it but if they hold back some info for this, i hope i can watch it..

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