How The Xbox One Has Already Won Next Gen

There's been a flurry of panic and hate directed towards Microsoft for their announcement of the Xbox One. Not directed at the machine itself, but rather, that the "always online" part of a rumor is true. While Microsoft may be getting negative publicity, here's why the Xbox One has already beat the PS4, and won next generation.

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jc485732506d ago

this is a joke right? I hope it is.

NatureOfLogic2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I'm seeing an all new level of delusional with the Xbox fans. To think that people really thought Sony fans were the worst. Xbox fanboys are becoming annoying.

Rusty5152506d ago

Agreed. Unlike Nintendo or PC fanboys, Xbox fanboys have nothing to backup what they say. They just end up looking stupid and uneducated. I seriously was arguing about the Xbox one on YouTube with some probably 12 or 13 year old kid and I'm like, name one relevant thing the X1 has that the PS4 doesn't. His answer was "WE GOT TV AND YOU DON'T". I just wanted to hang myself right then and there for being the same species as that kid.

DeanSanchez2506d ago

This is getting really troubling. As gamers we should all band together. Because no matter which company you're supporting, in the end, it is US gamers who chooses what becomes standard in technology.

DRM, always-on, if we become more and more delusional and just let these selfish, greedy companies dictate how we use the content and hardware that we pay for, then we're no worse then they are.

JokesOnYou2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Well I own both but make no mistake I don't pretend to be "in the middle", I proudly preferred my 360 vs ps3, I'm leaning towards X1 and why wouldn't I since I preferred 360? Anyway I don't agree with this article it was all generalized statements why X1 has already won....sure its possible but at this point I don't think either can claim victory, its a long haul, actually I would be shocked if it doesn't end up a very competitive/close this gen just like the last one.

cyguration2506d ago

I don't think it's Xbox fans, I think it's shills.

What kind of blind-following brand loyalist would support a system that strips ALL your rights away as a consumer? It's worse than Diablo 3 and SimCity, it's like the ultimate anti-consumer measure.

I think it's just MS paid shills trying to sway perception of the console. I don't care what games they have, if they're banning us from trading games with friends unless you pay a fee and they're implementing a mandatory check-in, there's no consumer out there that would support that unless they were paid to.

Amazingmrbrock2506d ago

Anybody notice that most of the features the xone has are features that are in the ps3? The whole one box thing, ps3 has been doing that since it came out. Even the tv thing, in japan they put out an accessory for the ps3 that let it record tv shows and stuff for you. Obviously it didn't work out as hoped and they went back to just saying it was mostly a gaming device but still. It broke that ground years ago.

Wagz222506d ago

Can we please stop approving these garbage articles?! No console has won yet because we still don't know how much they are or all the games that are going to be coming out. Just stop.

shoddy2506d ago

Maybe the article thought xbox one is xbox won.

xander707692506d ago

Last gen I preferred ps2 for obvious reasons.

This gen I preferred Xbox 360. I own both, but I got the 360 first, got used to the controller, and a lot of the multiplatform title I play are ones that are superior on 360 and ported poorly to the ps3. No hard feelings, 360 simply was better for me most of the time.

However, even as a fan of the 360 it's quite clear the ps3 is going to be far superior for gaming. Xbox one is a joke, and I am pretty upset about it. Maybe I'm underestimating the casual market but this thing seems doomed to fail if Microsoft doesn't make changes. People who defend the Xbox one are quite delusional.

NumOnePS3FanBoy2506d ago

It's actually really more sad than annoying. They think watching t.v, playing kinect games and COD is gaming. Poor future xbone owners.

Bathyj2506d ago

The five stages of grief are


Clearly this guy wont be angry til next week.

MasFlowKiller2506d ago

Not really sure how to take this article

the Popularity of the 360 over the PS3 is debatable, considering facts like PS3 being the most use console to Watch netflix or sales number where PS3 worldwide sales and 360 sales are too close to call(even with the 360 having a year head start in the US and 1.5 in EU) saying stuff like "The 360 was more popular than the PS3" doesn't really apply. If you said something like "at least in the US" then i would be ok with this statement, but in places in EU and Japan the the Sony Brand hold more mind share then the Xbox brand.

The online gaming argument has more weight but can still be argued against. Because Each 360 came with a headset, the live community got a voice that PSN just doesn't have but in sheer number there are more players on PSN than Live(only because PSN is free)

When it comes to winning the Next Gen the Xbox one has a lot more work to do than the PS4.

To begin, this coming Gen Microsoft is not getting a year heads start like it did with the 360 this means that Xbox will have to compete for every sale.

The other thing working against Microsoft is Live, As long as PSN gets stronger the argument for lIVE becoming free will get louder. Also Live is not very consumer friendly, once the mainstream media realizes that all those amazing Xbox one feature will be hidden behind a paywall, Live might become a detraction.

I think that this will come down to games and competing for the early adopter

nix2506d ago

High time we add "Blind and Fanboyish" under the "Like this website".

"Delusional" should be added under the "Story quality".

This debacle has given us chance to realise which websites to skip the whole of next gen because they all are so freaking stoopid and delusional. like really.

Information Minister2505d ago

This looks like it was written by a 12 year old Microsoft fanboy. Looking at the author's previous "articles" ( ), it probably was.

And please, let's not call Microsoft's new system the Xbone, that's just disrespectful... DRMbox One is a much more suitable name.

Dee_Cazo2505d ago

I've been sensing delusion from playstation fans since the $600/$700 models dropped.

Sony fans can keep trying to write the narrative online that Sony isnt in trouble but 17,000,000 sales less in North America shows how much stronger the Xbox is performing.

Psn8002505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

I don't understand what he is saying is he feeling aright or his he deluded .

TKCMuzzer2505d ago

More sales of the Xbox 360 in North America shows how much stronger the Xbox brand is.
You living on that island called 'America is the world' again.
The brand is stronger in America that does not equate to it being a stronger brand.

morganfell2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

"...why wouldn't I since I preferred 360"

Because it is alright to be a fan but at some point the ship goes so far off the course that common sense must comandeer the controls.

It has been said that fanaticism is redoubling ones efforts when the aim has been forgotten. Now is not the time to knuckle down and charge ahead.

Sometimes you have to be a gamer first and a fan second. This is one of those times.

One of the three major game companies has just said, "Gamers you are not a primary influence or customer." And you are okay with that?

You are okay with them siphoning off not only their resources but interfering with third party companies by bribing them to focus on the non-core casual crowd, most of whom are not even gamers and this is okay?

Burying us in countless rounds of DRM and depriving us the freedom of use of our purchased products is something you support? Seriously?

No person that honestly considers themselves a gamer should sit idly by while the irreversable damage the implementation of the Xbone is about to do to our hobby takes place.

It's time to lean into the pitch and take one for the team. I would actually have respect for some of the most ardent 360 fans if they acted as a gamer first.

Admitting that MS is damaging the gaming community doesn't make your support of the 360 invalid. It simply means gamer first.

As it is the more forcefully you dig in to defend this game damaging direction of the Xbone the worse things look. It's your life and you can do as your whims directs but there is honesty in action and anyone that is a true gamer should act now.

Enemy2505d ago

Mandatory camera, mandatory internet connection every 24 hours to get the "full experience." There's no need to think too hard; everyone with a half a brain knows why they're doing this, and if absurd invasion of privacy didn't cross your mind, you may need to seek help.

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Flashy2506d ago Show
MoveTheGlow2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Brand recognition as an argument seems dumb... Until you realize they're targeting only gamers that buy the annual Madden, FIFA, or CoD each year.

Xbone may win over some key target demographics which are totally not us. Any of us. So long as they have a cheap system (hehe, they won't. They've already lost the TV War to Google).

Agent_00_Revan2506d ago

And since when is the Xbox brand bigger then the PlayStation brand?

MoveTheGlow2505d ago

True, anywhere else than the US at the moment. The Playstation brand is a little bigger with gamers right now, but that's going to be amplified astronomically if the reveals are anything to go on.

Here's a problem with Xbox's current strategy: they're banking on old franchises. Short-term, maybe that nets you some cash. Long-term, though, what if those franchises stagnate and become niche? Then you're left with the newer games taking them over sales-wise. Sony is wisely banking on the new in that department - you want to play the next Dog of Duty with maps arriving earlier, or the better version of Destiny with exclusive DLC? See Xbox fund only the old tried-and-true-and-busted companies, or see Sony fund the newest brilliant minds in the industry (if GDC was any indication).

Sony winds up taking all the gamers who matter. Microsoft winds up with a set-top box until someone builds on that functionality but undercuts them in price (because not all set-top boxes need to run Call of Duty: Black Labrador Ops 5).

NextGen24Gamer2505d ago

Had Microsoft focused just on creating a gaming system rather than an all-in-one entertainment box, Harrison said the market would have grown. (Chris Lewis, Microsoft Europe's VP of Interactive Entertainment told GamesIndustry International the new consoles could grow the market as much as 30 percent.) But with the addition of features like content customization and Kinect user identification, the executive said an entirely new market of consumers could be reached.

"By making it simple and instant and complete, it means we can get men, women, old, young to enjoy playing and interacting with the device," Harrison said. "It's not just about core gamers; although, they are incredibly important to our future. It's also about finding entry points for all members of the household."

FlameBaitGod2506d ago

Don't blame them, they though it was April first.

Bigpappy2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

It is a ridicules assertion, but not unlike many I have seen posted here for PS4.

I personally see it as a slug fest. with Exclusive going the way of Sony; M$ actually retaining the stronger online presents with core gamers, mainly because of better communication offerings; M$ will dominate the casuals (Kids, Girls moms and non gaming dads).

It is still left to be seen which console will have the better game performance.

I also believe that Kinect will have an even bigger effect on sale than it did this gen. Don't be shocked this holiday season if M$ double PS4 system sales in The Americas and UK. PS3 will have to make up for that lag in sales after the holidays if it can win over more core gamers. But the Holidays look very favorable to M$ from where I stand and Kinect is the secret sauce. If they can release some interactive game-shows like 1 vs 100 or any game where you can just say the answer and Kinect decides who said it first. M$ is in a very strong position to dominate the casual market if Sony does not counter with their new Camera.

BullyMangler2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

seriously now gamers, who will break Nintendo without the FLEX capacitor ??

none can out-shine nintendo regarding ENHANSIVE game-CHANGING gameplay mechanic exclusives? = Metrod Other M < ? etc etc .. ?

For how long will Nintendo reign supreme?

NumOnePS3FanBoy2506d ago

You're hilarious. Nintendo is stuck in the past.

zerocrossing2505d ago


If the Xbone is the future I'd rather be stuck in the past with Nintendo.

bigrob9042506d ago

this article is stupid. i have been playing playstation since the 90's, so as far as brand recognition goes sony has hat in spades. now here in the US many do love the xbox but only because it's from an american company and halo. it was a time when most people i knew played 360, but then that changed and nobody was playing that. mostly because they realized that paying for live is retarded when you get the same service from psn minus the cross game chat, which i don't need because if i wanted to talk to somebody not playing the same game as me i would just call them on the phone. and don't give me that live is better than psn crap anybody cuz we have live at the house and there is nothing worth what you pay for it. also xbone is utilizing things which are very unnecessary, do we really need this to watch cable, i already have comcast for that?

JimmyDanger2506d ago

People in the USA only buy 360 for Halo? Then why didn't every person in America buy Halo 3/odst/reach/4? I think you'll find 360 consoles have sold about 4 times (40 million+) what the best selling Halo sold in the USA (halo 3, around 10 million USA sales).

So that leaves the other 30 million consoles that people must have bought "because it was an American company". Really? Where are most of the TVs, cars, toasters, phones that sell the best made? Hint - not the USA.

And the 360 still outsells the PS3 in the USA, so I don't see your point. Anecdotal evidence is one thing, but your examples don't really hold water against the reality.

bluetoto2505d ago

it's simple jimmy, we're cheap in the good ol USA and the 360 at first glance looks to be the cheapest way into HD gaming.

it has nothing to do with supporting an American company or halo being a system seller.

the problem comes in that even though we are cheap we don't like to be perceived as such so we say whatever we have to to convince the outside that whatever we buy is the better product. period. I've seen it for years from the west coast to the east coast.

the country is full of idiots, I mean even with all the firearm deaths there is a HUGE portion of the nation that doesn't want to ANYTHING about it, so it's no surprise that we'd support a company that's completely ripping apart our industry if it means that we'll save face, because you know we like saving face more than anything.

Aceman182505d ago

Actually I think he's being serious lol. I chalk just up as an American who believes USA=world. I can tell you one thing this is one American who will not support anti-consumer products.

So I will not be purchasing microsofts latest product. If Sony goes this same route I won't be buying theirs either. Also we won't know who's won this gen until its over.

Leviathan2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Well, MS hasn't won a single generation so far. Maybe the third times the charm. You know...they cant win with games so they try TV peripherals and an extra dose of pay to play (cable tv now included).

GamerzElite2505d ago

Oh my god just saw a breaking news on XBox TV they sold 2 billion at launch day.... LOL Wake up M$ dream is over now.

mp12892505d ago

Blu ray is last gen, so the article shouldnt call it the next-gen

Gaming4Ever2505d ago

That, or it's opposite day again.

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Excalibur2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

@KingElixir, I have both a PS3 and a 360 but I primarily play on the 360 so I guess you could consider me "A fan".

That said I'm not touching XBone with a 10 foot pole.

zeal0us2506d ago

Just because own a console or product it doesn't necessarily means you automatically a fanboy (not calling you one btw).

Fanboys to me is a person who blatantly defend a product or company regardless how terrible that product is or what direction that company takes.

JimmyDanger2506d ago

Or makes it their mission to attack the "other" company - usually for things "their" company does too.

Excalibur2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Gotcha, I'm a gamer first and foremost.

I have a high end PC, 2 Xbox 360's, a PS3 and I bought my GF a Wii so I have access to play pretty much anything I want and that's is the way I like it.

That said I'm still not getting a XBone untill M$ comes to their senses.

1. Bottom line a fee for used gaming is not going to fly in my book.

2. Install every game? you better start your low end systems in the Tb range. I have a 500Gb 360 right now and install about 1/2 of my games, right now I have 3.4gb of room left.

3. Not diggin' the always on/every 24 Hours B.S.

4. I have absolutely no use for a Kinect, it's a gimmicky toy (IMO)and I don't want it forced on me and I absolutely don't want to pay more for they system because of it.

I never heard, will the thing even work if I don't hook that piece up?

5. FAR too much focus on T.V. and APPs, I bought my 360/PS3 primarily for gaming, granted the T.V. stuff is nice but I use that stuff about 10% of the time, the other stuff, Music, FB/Twitter/Internet I never EVER use.

2506d ago
FrigidDARKNESS2506d ago

The xbox one is far superior with its tech. Sony is now playing catch up as they are working on voice commands.

DaThreats2506d ago

I see what you did there..
I think

MysticStrummer2506d ago

"The xbox one is far superior with its tech."

Developers say no.

chestnut11222506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Triple H (Wii U) will deliver the sledge hammer to UFC Champion wannabe your Ass,Brock Lesnar (X Box One) and advance to face John Cena (PS4) for the WWE Championship. Whispers "It's all about the game ",. U mad?

Thirty3Three2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Uh, stop making up false facts, Frigid.

The PS4 has been CONFIRMED to be more powerful. By a LOT.

Either you're being sarcastic, or you're really, really, very stupid.

So much denial for Xbox DONE fanboys.

USMC_POLICE2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Sony was first with voice commands! Remember socom? You could command your team all by voice and that was in 2002 I think. Sony just realized its not what gamers want so they were not going to force it on us!

Rhythmattic2506d ago

Re Voice commands..... There where many other companies doing Voice commands before kinect came on the scene..

1 example

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cyguration2506d ago

Click bait ftw.

Congrats unigamesity, trying to use whatever means possible, even supporting BS anti-consumer agendas for hits.

It's good to know what sites I won't be visiting anymore.