Sony PS3 firmware 2.16 found on PAL GT 5 Prologue?

The latest update from the underground Sony PlayStation 3 scene puts a mysteriously unreleased PS3 firmware into the spotlight. Firmware version 2.16, just one minor spot shy from the latest version of Sony's next generation console software, was allegedly found to exist in PAL versions of Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5: Prologue.

This development came after the fact that many have pondered over the significance of firmware 2.17. It was said that 2.17 came with complementary network code for GT 5 Prologue, though tangible evidence wasn't provided at the time.

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Andronicus3865d ago

why was this approved? this is a waste of space.

DRUDOG3865d ago

Um...ok. So we'll see something about a hack in another 6 months when Sony has already issued a few more firmware updates?

BTW 2.2 is dropping within the next few weeks anyhow...

Daz3865d ago

Another update, good sake. I just installed one the other day.

GutZ313865d ago

For geniuses that know nothing about console updates, these, and many others are used in game discs for updating console firmware under the idea that not everyone has internet.

This is not the first firmware to be on a game disc that was of an odd number, ratchet and clank future had an update firmware on its disc also.
This usually is the same as the "next" firmware, it just has 1 digit lower to show that it has been updated through a disc, rather then an online update.

This story was the biggest waste of internet space in my opinion.

Mr_Kuwabara3864d ago

Exactly, and anyone with a PSP would've known this.