Top 5 360 RPG's

Live 360 Writes:"Live 360 is back with another installment of our Top 5 Xbox 360 Games. Last week we brought you the Top 5 FPS, and now it is time for the Top 5 Role Playing Games on the Xbox 360. The following list is compiled based on graphics, gameplay, story, sound, longevity, innovation, and plain ol' fun."

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pwnmaster30003865d ago

i wonder who will have more rpg 360 or ps3. sony has many rpg projects, but you kno micro wants to have lots of rpg thats like there goal right there. 08 will be interesting

ruibing3865d ago

Most of the first gen JRPG projects started on the 360 due to their early dev kits, so the 360 will probably have more until 2009 when the big PS3 JRPGs comes out.

I can't believe MMarvel Ultimate Alliance is on that list.

mikeslemonade3865d ago

I love how they say top 5 360 RPGs when there's only about 6 or 7 360 RPGs total.

InYourMom3865d ago

it seems that they are focusing on Top 5, like the previous week they did Top 5 FPS.

Still has more than the Wii and PS3 combined.

I'm surprised to see Marvel Ultimate Alliance on there I think they should of replaced that with Blue Dragon. Is MUA even considered an RPG?

HarryEtTubMan3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

LOL I too wish the PS3 could perform miracles but in REALITY its 1 year and 3 months old. LOL BRAND NEW. It has Folklore, Oblivion.Shiverisles, with Overlord(with extras), Fallout 3, Eternal Sonata(with Extras), Free Realms, The Agency, FF13, FF Versus 13, 4-5 NCSoft titles, Afrika(I think its somekind of MMO that works through Home), Playstation Home, Mass Effect series( MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and u know games like Tales of Vesperia and more will come to the PS3. There are alot of RPG's coming even this year and I didn't name them all.

Sony will be making Dark Cloud in not too long also and its a very good franchise.

PS3 even has that whole list except Lost Odyssey and that game isn't even very good. It's better than Blu Dragon at least LMAO.

Shouldn't Xbox 360 have 2-3 more Rpg's??? Considering its twice as old?? Who cares they are almost all coming to PS3 anyways lol

GETPWNT3865d ago

lmao. moron. Dark Cloud sucks. It's a joke. I bought and beat off the first one on BS2. what a sh1t game! LMFAO.

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Ri0tSquad3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

its a pretty damn hard JRPG.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance was garbage.

Jack Bauer3865d ago

MUA??? that game was terrible

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