UGO: MLB 2K8 Review

UGO writes: "We all know that EA Sports owns the best football game that comes out every year and that them and 2K Sports are always fighting over NBA basketball, but what about America's favorite pastime. It turns out that EA doesn't produce their lackluster MVP series anymore and that 2k's only competition is exclusive to Sony Systems. This leaves the only major baseball game that is produced every year to be MLB 2K8 by 2K Sports.

MLB 2K8 comes back from rehab this year to deliver a game that screams play me even though I can be so much better with miner modifications. The game comes shipped with a roster that does not include Johan Santana on the Mets and a couple of new features that change the way both exhibition and online games are played."

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After my buddy bought this game for the xbot , he was so disgusted with this crap he traded his xbot and all his game for a ps3 and the kidding ..dont believe me ask him ..his psn id is to the ps3 family