Only games can save Xbox One

Behind the 'always-online' and 'pre-owed fee' PR disasters, there are deeper and more dangerous problems for Microsoft

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NYC_Gamer1979d ago

I still wouldn't support the console in the current state because its too restricted


Yes games and not only just "games", exclusive games and not just some time exclusive DLCs or games releasing on PC and later on other platforms claiming them to be exclusive. Well, Yesterday, they tried to make COD Ghosts and EA Sports games to seem like exclusive ones, that was a big mistake. REAL exclusive games need to be very good too with great graphics and new ways to play and maybe..MAYBE then they can save a console whose main focus isn't

insomnium21979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Real exclusive CORE-games. New ip's preferably instead of the same old franchises since 2007 or better yet since first xbox.

NatureOfLogic1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Lets just ignore the anti-consumer tatics like second hand game fees, online connection every 24 hours and disc passes( you have to have a code ). I mean but games..... right?

Pyrrhus1979d ago

Not just that, outside of USA, a lot of the features are useless.

maxgamehard1979d ago

Agreed, Even if they bring the games I will not support a box that locks games to your account. That is anti consumer. You affect families, friends and game rentals with such a stupid move.

On top of that kinect is mandatory, Mandatory every 24 hour online checks and mandatory game installs. In addition the hard drive cannot be upgraded.

I hope people agree with me in the fact that I will not support an anti consumer xbox.

Abash1979d ago

You'll still be playing these Xbox One games on an anti-consumer console that is harming the gaming industry and harming your rights as a consumer. Games are the least of people' worries right now and are upset about the console itself

Majin-vegeta1979d ago

I dont even think games will save it.Especially when you factor in the sh*t they just did.

strigoi8141979d ago

I dont think its just games. The time they show how many servers they have for xboxlive and when the guy say that xbox live was a $64 million dollar industry, it only direct me to one conclusion "we want more of your money"

urwifeminder1979d ago

I think you guys are nit picking pc is where it is at but im looking forward to getting this big beauty.

cyhm31121979d ago

I wish more people are like you in this world. It is good for exploitation. But unfortunately, you belongs to the minority.

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The story is too old to be commented.